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4 Business Types You Must Know

Business, not just do the buying and selling is done. It takes courage to start doing business. Business types is 4 (four). Business Stubs, Business Opportunity, Franchise, and Autopilot. The four types of business have advantages and disadvantages of each. By following the article below to complete, then you will know the business that has or will you wake up including which type of business.

Business Types

4 Business Types

1. Business Stubs

Business stubs are all businesses you start from scratch. The risk and busyness is greater, but the return (return) is also greater. This type of business is the most widely used by the people of Indonesia.

2. Bussiness Opportunity

With BO (bussiness opportunity) you get the ease of brand, knowledge and equipment from the center. So you are easier in the initial preparation in opening a business. BO is a breakthrough business for beginners with low risk / small but have a decent profit. The most used BO around you is BO for Donuts.

3. Franchise

With the franchise you will get the brand, the system from the center. Support from the center is done continuously (because you pay royalty to the center also continuously). The role of the center is proportional to royalty. For example the royalty for the center of 1{56fcc3cb98d511c38c50abfae2c9b631b5f39ce5f518d0af469491788c991c52}, then the central role is also 1{56fcc3cb98d511c38c50abfae2c9b631b5f39ce5f518d0af469491788c991c52}.

Examples of businesses that are managed with franchise business types such as McDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks Coffee etc.

4. Autopilot

All managed center. In general, the center is responsible. Which includes the type of business autopilot is 7eleven, etc. Return for you is not too big, because you also do not work.

For the type of business, the business opportunity and the type of franchise business all the risks and consequences you bear, including the risk of profit and loss. Because basically your business manage yourself. If you could profit billions, it is your right. So also if loss. But for most ordinary people, if the loser is the center of the blame.

Does it mean there’s no difference between business type and franchise? Take a look!


– Small capital, can start from 1.5 million
– Just run by buying and selling broke up
– Brand / name already exists, it’s up to you for use it or not
– Promotion is there but not absolute
– Can be independent
– The success rate is greater
– Development is more free


– Large capital, starting from 100 million
– Absolute business format followed
– Brand / name already exists, must be followed.
– Absolute promotion exists
– Can not be independent, all determined by Franchisor
– The success rate is greater.
– Business development is determined by Franchisor

Most of the people who take the business type BO (Business Opportunity) expect to run like a franchise. For those who take the franchise hopes it will run like an autopilot. Understand the differences between the four types of business.

So, which business type is best for you? Choose according to your readiness and character. None of the business types are “the best”. Everything is a plus minus. If your business has not started yet, then you should be able to decide which business type you will take.…

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Profitable Small Business You can do from Home

A lucrative small capital business !!! What comes to mind in us is the effort that we run to supplement the main income. Relying on basic salary as employees every month makes us dizzy themselves. Not to mention the increasing needs of the day. So why do not you want to try to increase your income through side work. Starting a business does not need large scale let alone you as a beginner. The important future is quite profitable and can supplement your income. Here I will try to share examples of side business and fixed business profitable with small capital.


1.- Phone credit

Human need for phone credit nowadays I do not think you should ask again even you are one of the active phone credit users.

2.- Realtor and property

The advantage of being a broker I think is quite high. Staying longer to sell or offer in the form of land or property lease is not an easy job. You are required to work more extra and build a wider relationship. Profit received into a realtor in the form of fee. Usually the fee you receive in the form of sale and lease is about 3{56fcc3cb98d511c38c50abfae2c9b631b5f39ce5f518d0af469491788c991c52} from 1M. While for rent and sale above 1M you will receive a fee of 2.5{56fcc3cb98d511c38c50abfae2c9b631b5f39ce5f518d0af469491788c991c52}. I think the profit is quite tempting.

3.- Paint

The most fun work is when we get paid with the hobby we work on. If you have a hobby to paint it is a plus for you because in addition you can channel the hobby can also bring a purse of rupiah that is not small. The key to success to run this business is often follow the exhibition and attention to detail the results of the painting so that you get new ideas.

4.- Online shop business

In the past I also write an online shop is a promising small business capital opportunity, now I recommend again for you want to find a suitable business idea to run. Online shop or online store is very interesting tuk run because the offered is not limited in either the form of goods or services.

5.- Reseller

Reseller working system is not much different from the online shop, if the online shop of goods that we offer is our own while the reseller is someone else (party supplies). Being a reseller is not a complicated job you live advertise in various free media like the web that provides advertising free. The advantage of becoming a reseller is generally a percentage ({56fcc3cb98d511c38c50abfae2c9b631b5f39ce5f518d0af469491788c991c52}), depending on your initial agreement on the supplies.

6.- Freelance writer

Write blog or web content now booming online now. Quite a lot of bloggers who do not have much time managing its web. Then they decide to buy content or articles to other parties. We recommend this opportunity you can catch as a profitable business without disrupting your main job. Why? Because you can do it at night.

7.- Language translator

Indeed from the first until now the google inc has provided translation of several languages ​​but the results of the google translation is still ambiguous and irregular both in terms of vocabulary and sentence arrangement. If you have the skills to translate a foreign language into Indonesian or vice versa it is one advantage for you because not many are able as a translator.

8.- Teacher tutoring

being a tutor does not differ much from the same language translator in the same field of science. If you can not afford to go to high school you can teach for elementary school as well as for kindergarten.

9.- Publisher advertising

On each site especially about side business opportunities you may find this word, because publisher advertising from the past until now is the choice of many people. The advantage of publisher advertising is in the form of PPC payment per click, every visitor who clicks the ads you publish will be paid to you. For the amount per click it depends on the ad.

10.- Graphic design services.

Graphic design services one of the small capital business opportunities that are easy to do. Both for office workers and a student. To be a reliable graphic designer you need to learn and often search for new ideas for ideas designed. Not a few people choose graphic design services as a job to increase the main income.…

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Benefits of Reading Reviews Online

Reviews will make customers either buy from you or not. Customers trust what other buyers say because they can’t see the product and they have to rely on pictures. With this article, we show you the benefits of reading reviews online.

Both the consumer and the seller benefit from reviews.

For the Consumer

· Assured credibility

The only way to find the untold details of a business is usually from customer reviews. Before you go on to buy a good or service online check the reviews. This will make it easy for you to either trust in the potential company or not.

The newfound credibility leads to customer trust. Ultimately, they get hooked to your business. This point is helpful to the business itself.

· It allows you to make the quality judgment

The buyer has nothing to lose, thus, they will always share the tiny details whether positive or negative. These details are ideal for you as a potential buyer. In reading the review, you will know whether to buy it or not.

You don’t have to buy a poor quality good since you can always find other good quality alternatives. The reviews will state to you whether the product that the business shows you is the same one they sell.

· It allows you to make the proper judgment

I bet any product must have both negative and positive reviews. You shouldn’t let a few negative remarks mislead you when making a purchase. If a business has only one or two negative reviews of ten reviews, you should go ahead and buy the product.

· Product availability

You will find reviews on Amazon, Facebook, and other sites. You can go on to check all the sites you know of. The customer reviews let you know whether they received their order on time and in good condition. This will show you whether the goods are readily available or not.

· Eases the market research process

There are millions of products online and researching for an ideal product can be overwhelming. The customer reviews make your work easy. Assuming you come across a product with too much praise from about 50 clients, you will know it’s the right one.

For the Seller

· You have room for improvement

Sometimes you can’t avoid the negativity but you can learn from them. The negative reviews point out to some of the things that other clients may not like. If you can change them, the better for your business.

· You will understand the consumer better

At the end of the day, your interest is to increase sales. From the reviews, you will know whether the brand is appealing to the consumer or not. I love the fact that there are reviews that offer suggestions on what to do to improve.

· SEO optimization

When you have all these positive reviews and high star ratings, you are safe. Google favors such businesses. Thus, yours will be at the front page and you know what that means? More business.

If you are going to do business online, be careful about the reviews. They have the potential to keep you in business. But, don’t worry if you have a few negative reviews here and there. As a buyer, this is your guide to making the right purchase.

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How to Effectively Organize a Business

The success of a business is highly dependent on two factors, belief in the product and how well the business is organized.Business coaching websites list many benefits to having an organized business, it’s the same as having an organized grocery store, everything where it should be, making it easy to find.

Here are a few ways to consider when organizing a business. The first would be to get a computer or computers. Computers are the lifeline of any business, they store documents, contain apps that the business can access to help it function at its best. Every business must have a few computers, tablets are also effective for a business, they are mobile, a great tool for marketing and keep up with social media queries from customers. They ensure the business is always available to customers and promptly responds to their queries.

Staying in contact with clients is the best way to organize a business. This can be done using an email list, social media of a youtube channel. It’s also important to respond to client queries on social media as quickly as possible, this builds client trust with the business and brand loyalty. The longevity and success of any business lies with the loyalty of it’s clients.

Running a successfully organized business involves keeping your word. When the business says they will deliver a product in one business day, adhere to that promise. It makes the business dependable and trustworthy. It is also important that business issue refunds are as quick as possible and promptly make payments to supplies. Customers who are very happy with a service will brag about it to their friends and this word of mouth grows the business and earnings.

It’s extremely important for a business space to be highly organized with a well thought of layout that inspires the teams to do the best work and creates an atmosphere of fulfillment within the team. Having less visual clutter ensures a great working space and environment.

Keeping the business tasks organized is an effective way to run a business and succeed with it.

There are many task tracking tools that allow tracking, assignment and design of future projects. These are available on the computer and have reminders that help everyone stay on top of everything. Some examples are Apple Calendar, Wunderlist, Google Calendar or if none of these work for the business, custom software solutions can be designed that fit the business needs.

It is important to take a fulfillment-focused managing approach with employees. When employees feel fulfilled, they do their best work, are eager to come to work and make great strides for the business.

Taking an employee fulfillment approach is an important strategy for creating great relationships with employees, who take pride in working for the company and always do their best work because they are passionate. Information on how to become a fulfillment-focused manager is available on many business coaching websites.Another important action for any business to remain highly organized is clearing defining their goals, strategies and plans for execution and accomplishments. Business succeeds best when there is a clearly defined goal and time it takes to accomplish that goal.

This keeps everyone excited, abreast with what is expected and increases transparency within the business. Creating an environment of trust and contribution, because employees are able to participate and give ideas on how projects can be improved and offer solutions to some that need improvement.

The level of organization in a business correlates to its success, because being organized means clarity and clarity brings confidence in success.

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Title: Sukanto Tanoto’s RGE Group stands behind Canada’s second-largest LNG project

Chairman of the Royal Golden Eagle Group, Sukanto Tanoto built his empire on a foundation of social responsibility, ensuring that all Group activities are carried out in a sustainable manner. Tanoto ensures that each of his business undertakings are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner.

One such initiative that places high priority on sustainability is the impending Woodfibre LNG Project. Set to be Canada’s second largest LNG project, the initiative comes under the stewardship of Pacific Oil and Gas subsidiary, Woodfibre LNG Limited.

The project will take place at a setting formerly used as a pulp mill, which is about seven kilometres southwest of Squamish, British Columbia. The facilities will be used to process and liquefy natural gas (LNG), thereafter exporting it to the Asian markets. An amount of about 2 million tonnes of LNG a year is expected, and the first batch is set to be delivered in 2023. As the project is supported by Sukanto Tanoto, it is valued at around $1.6 billion.

Protecting the environment

As the facilities are situated in Squamish, approval from the Squamish Nation Council is essential for the commencement of the project. The Squamish Nation Council is a group of individuals descended from the Coast Salish Aboriginal people and govern a total area of about 6,921

Woodfibre LNG Limited, aware of this, went on to get all the required approvals. On 14th October 2015, the Squamish Nation Council stated 25 environmental based conditions that were fulfilled before approving the Woodfibre LNG project.

The conditions required to be met included: mitigating and monitoring the impacts faced by marine life during construction, maintaining marine water quality to protect marine life and human health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air emissions through the use of power produced by BC Hydro instead of natural gas, and to keep engaging with Aboriginal groups in order to develop improved management and monitoring plans, and thereafter implement it.

Thereafter, on 26th October 2015, Woodfibre LNG was issued an environmental assessment certificate (EAC) so that they may begin operations, followed by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada. Upon approval, an environmental assessment Decision Statement was issued on 18th March 2016.

Squamish Nation Council approves agreements important for the Woodfibre LNG project

A recent advancement in the Woodfibre LNG project is the approval they received for three beneficial agreements. The approval was to be given by the Squamish National Council. The agreement was with Woodfibre LNG Limited, FortisBC, and the Province of British Columbia. Upon being granted this, the Woodfibre LNG project was to proceed. The project was approved on the 23rd November 2018.

Woodfibre LNG Limited applies for amendment

  • On 3rd April 2019, Woodfibre LNG applied for an amendment, in line with specifications stipulated in Section 19(1) of the Environmental Assessment Act (the Act).
  • On 9th May 2019, the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) accepted the amendment application, taking into account Section 19 of the Act.
  • The amendment application requested the following: changing the definition of ‘construction’ in the Schedule B Table of Conditions, and to remove the onsite landfill from the list of supporting permanent infrastructure in the Schedule A Certified Project Description.
  • A three-week review period from 16th May to 7th June 2019 was taken to discuss the amendment application. The EAO gathered advisory working group (WG) members from the original environmental assessment to review the amendment.
  • The WG consists of approximately 37 representatives of federal, provincial, local governments, and Indigenous Nations. The comments received for the amendment application was from the following WG representatives: Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Resource Development (FLNRORD), Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (ENV), Environment and Climate Change Canada (E Health Canada), and Tsleil-Waututh Nation.
  • The comments provided by the WG were discussed by Woodfibre LNG, thereafter giving the EAO written responses on 14th July 2019.
  • The EAO distributed these responses among the members of the WG, assuring all concerns were resolved. The WG participants took a seven-day review period, thereafter the amendment assessment was completed, revising the EA.
  • Woodfibre LNG is now successfully operating, fulfilling all environmental conditions, while remaining focused on implementing improved environmentally friendly methods throughout.

The Woodfibre LNG projects scores its first customer

Pacific Oil and Gas, a part of Tanoto’s RGE Group, announced that their subsidiary Woodfibre LNG Limited secured their first customer for the Woodfibre LNG project. The Woodfibre LNG project’s first customer, or as they call it, their ‘foundation customer’, is BP Gas Marketing Limited (BP). BP is an indirect subsidiary of BP PLC.

They have signed a legally binding sales and purchase agreement (SPA) with Woodfibre LNG Limited to deliver their first batch of LNG to them. The terms under the SPA states that BP will receive 0.75 million tonnes per annum of LNG over 15 years on a free on board basis. This delivery is to be fulfilled in 2023.

The project receives facilities permit

On 3rd July 2019, Canada’s BC Oil and Gas Commission (BC OGC) issued permits required by the Woodfibre LNG project to continue building. Woodfibre LNG Limited’s new President David Keane made the following statements:

“Following a rigorous process, Woodfibre LNG is pleased to have received our Facility Permit issued from the BC OGC, one of the key permits required for construction and operation of the project.

“As we move towards construction, we will strive to exceed the high standards of public and environmental safety that are expected of us by the Canadian, B.C., and Squamish Nation governments, and the Squamish community.”

“We are dedicated to bringing benefits to British Columbia through jobs and economic development, and ultimately a project that will have significant positive impact on global climate and human health.”

Pacific Oil and Gas has provided their subsidiary, Woodfibre Limited, with all the required support to ensure that the Woodfibre LNG project is successful and will continue to do, so they may fulfill all their agreements.…

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Third-Party Car Insurance Coverage Explained

In the case of an accident, liability arising from the third-party can put a significant dent in your pocket. To ensure protection against the same, every car owner must buy a third-party car insurance policy. Several reputed insurance providers in the country have come forward with effective third-party insurance plans, which provide an insurance cover to individuals against such incidents. Let us understand third-party insurance coverage in detail.

What is third-party coverage?

If you hit someone’s car and cause them damage, then your insurer will bear all medical and repair expenses for the third party. Here, the policyholder is the first-party, the insurance provider is the second-party, and the individual involved in the accident is the third-party.

Third-party policy is compulsory in India

Third party car insurance is mandatory in India. When buying a new car, you also need to buy a car insurance plan. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, if you’re driving a vehicle on Indian roads without a valid insurance plan, then you might face serious legal ramifications.

Inclusions of third-party insurance plan

Under a third-party policy, the insurer covers the liabilities of the policyholder in case the latter is responsible for any injury or loss to a third party because of an accident.

Always remember to compare multiple plans online while buying a car insurance plan. Now, let’s have a thorough look at the coverage offered by this policy and know the inclusions of third-party insurance in detail:

1. Damage to property

Even if you cause severe damage to the property of the third-party, you do not need to worry about the expenses that will arise because of the mishap. The insurer will pay for the damages caused to the third-party. Property damage cover is capped at Rs. 7.5 lakh in such scenarios.

2. Death of a third-party

If an accident leads to the death of the third-party, you need not worry because the insurer will cover the compensation to the deceased’s family/nominee. In the case of accidental deaths, the insurance claim is judged as per court tribunals. The compensation is determined by the court based on the consequences of the unfortunate loss that factors data such as the earning capability of the deceased third-party.

3. Partial or permanent disability

At times, accidents can result in the disability of the third-party. If the third-party is subjected to partial disablement that can be recovered with time, such as fractures, the insurer will provide the necessary coverage in terms of medical expenses to the affected individual(s). However, if the third-party is subjected to permanent disablement, then a pre-assured sum is offered by the insurer.

4. Bodily injuries

Medical coverage is provided for all types of physical injuries no matter the severity of the wounds. There are a few reputed insurance companies that understand accidents cannot be controlled. The insured’s stress is effectively reduced when financial support is offered to them.

These are some of the main benefits of third-party insurance. With a bundled personal accident cover, the above insurance also offers excellent coverage to the insured during accidents.

In a nutshell, the third-party car insurance supports low premiums and no-fault liability. It also compensates bodily injury as well as property damage to the third-party.…

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Here’s Why You Should Reassess Family Health Insurance Plans

The kind of lifestyle many of us lead nowadays cannot be considered healthy for sure. Most people consume a lot of junk on an everyday basis. Odd working hours, improper diet as well as no exercise will put our lives at risk even more.

Along with the rise in poor health conditions, a considerable amount of your hard-earned money is spent on medical expenses. A health insurance policy can help you avoid that. You could go for an individual health insurance or a family health insurance plan.

Just as we re-evaluate our decisions with respect to investments or personal development, you must also re-evaluate health insurance plans. The reason being that these plans could go through some modifications. Another reason could be that the plan remains the same but your needs have changed.

Let us understand a few instances when re-evaluation is required for your health insurance:

  • New members

Addition of a new member of your family is one of the most precious moments of your life. Well, the expenses right from prenatal care to delivery to pediatric care, could be heavy. If you wish to curtail the costs, you need to re-evaluate your family health insurance. Add the new member or spouse to your existing family floater plan.

  • Retirement

Every individual needs a tension-free retirement. As you grow old, the cost of the medical expenses will increase too. A few ailments require higher expenditure while some don’t. If required, you must opt for health insurance for senior citizens, a plan which addresses the requirements of the aged and enables them to be tension free.

  • Not satisfied with your current insurance provider

You can re-evaluate the insurer once you got a taste of their unpleasant claims process or a shoddy customer service experience. Use the portability feature of health insurance and cross-check other insurers based on their claim settlement ratio and services.

You can actually reap some good benefits out of re-evaluting your health insurance. Given below are a few such benefits for you to think about.

1. Save on your premium

There are various options available across insurers; you can choose the one that meets your health requirement. Always look for options by trying out different insurers. They might offer you the same or even better coverage with a lower premium.

2. Network hospitals

The insurers can suddenly change the list of network hospitals. What if the hospital near your vicinity no longer has a tie-up with your insurer? Other insurance providers might have a good list of tie-ups in your region. Hence, change in the network hospitals is also an essential aspect for re-valuation of your health policy.

3. Hike in the cost of healthcare

Health insurance takes care of hospital expenses in case of hospitalisation very well. However, it is possible that due to the rising cost of healthcare, your old health insurance might not be sufficient anymore. Re-evaluating will give you a custom made plan that might be very cost-effective.

4. Varying features

The chances are that your policy is offering you only the basic features. There are products available in the market that might provide better features along with a low price with additional features.

Hence, re-evaluate before you buy health insurance. It will benefit you to put all that money you’ve earned to good use as well as provide a sense of satisfaction.…

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How to Negotiate a Lower Premium Rate When Renewing Your Car Insurance Policy?

Purchasing a third-party car insurance plan is mandatory in India as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and so is renewing it whenever the policy term ends. An insurance policy should be renewed periodically to avail its benefits.

However, insurance providers tend to increase the premium rates when you renew your policy as the vehicle becomes older and prone to more damage. To this effect, here are some tips that might help you negotiate your premium when renewing your car insurance policy. Let us look into them:

  • Compare other car insurance plans

With online insurance aggregators, you have the perfect platform to renew your car insurance policy. You just need to visit your preferred aggregator’s website and compare the various available plans. Once you have compared car insurance policies, shortlist the ones you would like to purchase. Ideally, the best plan is the one that offers you adequate coverage at a competitive price.

  • Calculate your car’s IDV accurately

The maximum sum that is assured under your motor insurance policy is called the insured declared value (IDV). It is computed by adjusting the market value of your vehicle against depreciation. The sum of the money paid to you in the case of a total loss or theft is based on the IDV. Your insurance premium is directly proportional to the IDV, i.e. the higher the IDV, the higher would be your premium.

  • Utilise your no-claim bonus

If you are a careful driver who has not filed any claims during the policy term, then you are eligible for a no-claim bonus. No-claim bonus allows you to lower your premium by a maximum of 50% with each claim-free renewal. NCB is one of the most efficient ways of lowering your insurance premium at the time of car insurance renewal.

  • Higher voluntary deductible limit

All motor insurance plans provide the liberty of selecting a voluntary deductible limit. This limit signifies the claim amount that a policyholder agrees to bear from his pocket. In the case of a claim, you need to pay the limit of the voluntary deductible while the remaining amount is provided by the insurance provider. Opting for a higher voluntary deductible makes you eligible for concessions on your premium.

  • Timely renewal of car insurance

If your motor insurance is not renewed on time, then you miss out on the no-claim bonus and its perks. Hence, ensuring the timely renewal of your policy is a must.

Only buying motor insurance is not enough; you must also renew your policy on time. If you follow the above tips, your renewal becomes economical. Moreover, you also end up saving your hard-earned money and can put it to better use.

These are some of the most efficient ways to renegotiate your premium rates during policy renewal. You can use an online car insurance calculator, which is a valuable tool that helps you find the best insurance policy based on your specifications. It makes it easier for you to compare the different insurance plans with just one click. In simple words, a car insurance calculator will help you evaluate your insurance needs and opt for an appropriate plan.…

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How To Renew Motor Insurance Online?

When you purchase your dream vehicle and an appropriate insurance plan for it, it is also essential to ensure that you keep the vehicle under the protection of a motor insurance safety net, else you may incur heavy financial losses. But buying the insurance is not enough, you also need to renew it from time to time.

At the time of renewal, you have the option to do that either offline or online. Most insurance providers allow you to renew your motor insurance policy online. It is very easy as well as convenient way to renew motor insurance.

If you renew insurance online, it is highly beneficial to the customer as well as the insurer. Let us take a look at some key advantages of the same.

Advantages of online motor insurance renewal

  1. The process of online purchase of insurance and renewal of the same is easy as well as hassle-free. You can easily buy or renew your policy sitting from the comfort of your home.
  2. The paperwork involved in the process of renewing insurance online is very limited.
  3. One crucial benefit of renewing insurance online is that you can make a well-informed purchase decision. You can read about various insurance solutions that are offered by leading insurance providers in the country today. You can also compare the coverage that is provided by different policies across insurers and tally it against the costs. Like this, you can arrive at the most appropriate plan for your needs.
  4. When you purchase insurance online, you can read reviews from the existing customers in the reviews or comments section. This information is useful as it helps you to understand the challenges that are faced by others.
  5. If you are not able to buy or renew a policy through the insurer’s website, you can also opt to initiate a chat with a customer service representative online. You can make a call on the insurer’s toll-free number and make a purchase telephonically.

Now that we know the advantages of online renewal of motor insurance, let us understand the process.

  • Motor insurance online renewal process

For renewing your motor insurance policy, you must visit the website of the insurance company. Given below are the steps involved in motor insurance renewal through an insurer’s website:

  1. Go to the website of the insurance company and select the menu option of insurance renewal. A page with an online form will appear wherein you have to update specific details.
  2. Enter all the details of your existing policy (the policy or proposal number).
  3. Then, select the ‘Next’ button if you want to view the details of your policy.
  4. A break-up of the premium amount, as well as the final quote for motor insurance renewal, will be found.
  5. You can proceed to make the payment if you agree with the quote. You can make the payments through credit/debit cards or the net banking facility.
  6. If the payment is completed successfully, your policy will stand renewed.

The process of online policy renewal is very efficient because the issuance of the policy happens instantly.

If you plan on switching your plan, you can generate the quotes of your desired policy using a motor insurance calculator.…