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Is Cryptocurrency the future of the internet?

Almost everyone that looks at cryptocurrencies only sees the financial gains they are able to make if they invest.

Behind this, though is a lot more going on that will affect everyone in the future. Crypto’s are a hot topic, and though they have their ups and downs in value, a significant number of people are looking to buy cryptocurrency with investment being their motive.

The FOMO affect spreads like wildfire, and this can change the value of digital cash. When the prices are overinflated, and there is a dip. These investors panic and sell which then turns into a cryptocurrency crash.

Cryptocurrencies moving forward

If investors spent a little more time doing homework into a cryptocurrency investment, they might choose an alternative than the current market leaders.

It is true they have risen in value by momentous proportions though this is not a real reflection of the coins value to a user.

For long-term stability, a crypto has to resolve flaws which exist, and for coins to survive that have these flaws they have to do something.

Bitcoin had a fork which resulted in some flaws being fixed though how many times can a currency have forks when they have problems.


This is one of the first coins which brings decentralization apart from only digital cash. Spare computing resources can be allocated by anyone who wishes to run a node on the decentralized network.

These host nodes serve up content while being paid for this service and all users are able to become a host. This helps to form a decentralized internet without the use of additional software on any systems.

Substratum comes with 2 decimal places for any payment transactions, so payments made or received will appear similar to spending and receiver’s dollars and cents.

Ease of use has been a focus of this team, and their take on decentralizing the web might benefit everyone.

As well as hosting services or providing storage solutions as some crypto’s technologies offer payments for anything have to be easy to use and accessible for users who can’t hold a bank account.

Stellar has looked at payment systems and is set to make inroads into the way banking is performed.

Mobile money, global remittances, and any other transaction can benefit from Stellar. This network has servers placed globally where the public ledger is stored and updated when operations take place.

Now users can send oversea transactions from their cell phone to a family member in a matter of seconds without having to find a remittance center and pay a fee.

Net Neutrality

This is no more so the largest ISP’s around the world are free to throttle or restrict access to anywhere they wish.

There are also countries that limit what content users are able to access. To get around this net neutrality at present, VPN services are a must though this becomes harder as many countries are slowly blocking their usage.

As time goes on the internet could appear to become smaller while rates for access are increased and if an ISP decides to impose a tariff on a company they might charge for access to their site. If any of this happens, the internet will suffer from a lack of innovation and growth.

One coin aims to address all of these problems with their currency and their underlying mesh network. SKY doesn’t just sit on top of Skywire a new mesh-network that offers speed, security, and transactions.

SKY and Skywire-mesh are firmly interwound, though they are able to operate interdependently to each other.

This mesh doesn’t have servers which sit in large corporate buildings. The users themselves host all the network needs to operate. Internet connections are closer and faster as the content is passed from multiple sources.

Each node works in a peer-to-peer manner for serving services and to provide data redundancy and network protection.

SKY has no coin mining so transactions are free and node miners are paid for their hosting contributions.

Users are also free from any Geolocation restrictions as the nodes are in place to bypass the monopolistic ISP’s regardless of what country they reside.

The entire Skywire mesh-network operates like one VPN service, so there is no fear of surveillance.

Your data is under your control, and very private with no chance of your information being used for anthers benefit without your knowledge.

Skywire decentralizes the network and takes control away from any one entity that might wish to manipulate it.

A web of trust is created which is all a part of a “New Internet.” it might be that the Skycoin cryptocurrency changes the future of the internet as we know it.

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Finding A Job In A Competitive Market

With many of the highest-paying jobs becoming more competitive than ever, it can be hard to get the job role you’re looking for without having recommendations. If you’ve been spending time just going to college or working unrelated jobs however, you might find it difficult to get the recommendations you need. Many job seekers in this position have gone on to contact a recruitment agency George Town CI that will take those that come in and vouch for them to companies that are currently looking for workers, usually, after you are tested and interviewed by the recruitment agency. Consider getting help and working on ways in which you can get more job roles for these industries.


Programmers have been highly looked for since the boom of the tech industry, but only in the past few years has it become competitive when it comes to going for job roles. A good way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to make sure you have a great portfolio. Many of those getting job roles in programming only have their college degree and whatever they worked on during their classes, so a good way to help out your portfolio is to work on projects all of the time. These projects can be programs that you are making for yourself, or simply contributing to an open-source program. Additionally, consider going to programming meetups in your area. You’ll be able to talk to developers around you to get an idea of what looks good on your resume depending on what they are working on, plus you can talk to those who are leading companies that are looking for programmers. Take into consideration all of this advice if you’re looking for a job in programming.

Data Entry

Many recruitment agencies also look for those who can do data entry. This usually entails taking documents that are already in paper form and re-writing them so they can be in a digital format. While companies typically don’t need past jobs on your resume to do data entry, it’s recommended that you look into gaining a few computer skills before applying for these jobs. You’ll first want to work on your typing by making sure that you can type fast enough while still being accurate. Additionally, work on your skills with office software as that’s what you’re are most likely using your entire time working. Look into data entry if you want a job that is easier to get into as a beginner.


As the job market potentially gets harder to break into, make sure that you are always polishing up on your skills. This means potentially taking different programs and doing work outside of your regular job so that you can keep moving on to bigger roles and different companies. Make sure that you are always on good terms as well with those you work with as you’ll want them to be references for you in the future.…

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Financial Freedom From Debt Starts With An Honest Conversation About Finances

If you have been struggling with your finances, you are going to realize at some point that you are living beyond your means. In order to save money, you must have a plan to only spend the money you make. If you are spending more than you’re making it is time to have an honest conversation about the money. You may be with a partner that may be doing more spending, and this may be taking you beyond your budget. This is never an easy conversation to have about finances, but this is the only way that you can get things in order if your expenses exceed your earnings.

Finding The Ways To Cut Back

You may be in a position where you are getting ready to engage in acquiring a big-ticket item. You may be looking at any home loan purchases boise id. This is not going to do you much good to get approved for a loan if you are not balancing your money in an effective way. It is better for you to look at how you can cut back if you’re overspending. Once you get a mortgage it is going to be even more money that you may have to pay than you would for living in an apartment or staying with a parent.

It is easy to look at the general price of a home and assume that it is affordable because you have been looking at the price of the home only. What you must realize is that a house will come with private mortgage insurance and home insurance costs. These are things that apartment dwellers are not paying so it may not dawn on you that your mortgage may be higher than you assumed.

Revising Your Financial Planning Road Map

If you have acquired a home and found yourself struggling it may be time to make an adjustment to your financial roadmap. It is good to look at possibilities that exist when it comes to cutting back household expenses on food and other things that you may not necessarily need.

A cell phone is a good thing to have, but you must constantly ask yourself if you are really going to need an unlimited plan. If there is a cheaper phone available, you may need to bypass an iPhone and get an Android or even a flip phone. It is not wise to follow the in crowd and spend money that you know you do not really have.

Gaining Momentum

The only way that you can truly gain momentum when it comes to what you are saving is by turning away from social media and all the other marketing outlets that make you think that you need something new. A ton of working-class people buy products that replace other items that are in working condition. This makes no sense. If you are going to buy anything you need to be sure that you only buy something when you need a replacement for a non-working item.

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How Utilising Virtual Offices in Singapore Can Expand Your Business

When you’re expanding your business and are serious about making waves in the Singapore market, you should consider using virtual offices. More business owners are utilising virtual offices in their business expansions due to the many different advantages they provide over conventional office spaces.

Expanding your business outside where you currently operate, may seem like an overwhelming task but by utilising virtual offices in Singapore, you can ensure that your business expansion gets off to a positive start. Well-established virtual office providers offer tenants the option to have a prestigious address in Singapore at a fraction of the cost it would cost with a realtor. To learn more about the sought-after locations offered in Singapore bu Servcorp, follow this link:

Let’s take a look at how utilising virtual offices in Singapore can help you expand your business successfully.

Prestigious Address

As we mentioned briefly above, having a local Singapore business address in a sought-after location in the city immediately paints your business in a positive light in the eyes of customers and potential investors. With an address that they recognize they will trust your brand and your business right away, putting you on the front foot when working out any potential business deals.

To really complete your professional business image in Singapore, make sure you add your new local business address to your website, business cards and other marketing materials to give a rounded professional image of your company.

Professional Assistance

Premium providers of virtual office spaces offer professional staff to tenants. A dedicated, bilingual receptionist will be at your disposal to answer the phone however you would like. Mail sorting facilities are also available to ensure your important documents always reach you, no matter where you are.

Your receptionist can either take messages for you or they can forward the call to your personal number or to another number you have assigned. With facilities like these, you’ll never miss a call, so your business expansion and growth into the Singapore market should continue as planned as you continue to connect with new clients and local investors.

Meeting Room and Boardroom Spaces

While virtual offices are just that, virtual, you will still need access to meeting room and boardroom facilities from time-to-time to meet prospective clients. Premium providers have these included in their facility and often a certain number of visits will be included in your package.

These spaces are usually well-decorated and well-finished so that you can feel comfortable meeting clients there. Servcorp meeting rooms, for example, come fitted with granite floors, leather furniture, hand picked artwork and perhaps most importantly, are unbranded so that your business shines in their facility.

Dedicated Phone Number

Having a dedicated local phone number is invaluable for businesses looking to expand their operations into Singapore. With a local phone number, your business partners and customers can easily reach you, rather than calling your personal or overseas number.

This helps to give an added level of professionalism to your company in the local business market. And this is backed up further when you have your dedicated receptionist answering these calls on your behalf. .

Getting Started with Virtual Offices in Singapore

Before you decide on a specific location in Singapore for your virtual office, be sure to spend some time looking into each of the available locations. Although all of the locations offered will be in excellent locations in the city, some locations will have different advantages over others.

Maybe it’s important for you to have easy access to transport links within the city? Perhaps you want to be as central as possible to the CBD? Or maybe you need to be close to other similar businesses such as financial institutions? Whatever your requirements, you should have no problem finding a location that will meet your requirements form which you can begin your expansion into Singapore and start capitalising on the opportunities available in this thriving economy.…