Mold Requires the Remediation Services of Denver Mold Consulting

Mold is a substance that naturally grows in the environment. Although it rarely causes major health concerns, it can sometimes cause serious issues and even death. Dealing with a substantial mold problem takes time and should not be addressed without careful consideration. Attempting to remove the mold without full knowledge of how mold grows and spreads can lead to further problems in a building. This is why it is imperative a home or business owner seeks professional services from a mold remediation company.

Mold cannot be removed with simple household cleaners or even bleach. A fungicide must be used to ensure the mold spores are deactivated. If the spore remains active, it will simply regrow and can even become airborne. Airborne mold spores are especially dangerous to those with allergies and asthma because they can be inhaled, causing lung problems.

The mold remediation process takes a few days to be completed, depending on how widespread the problem is and the type of mold that is present. The first step is to remove any porous materials that are moldy because these cannot be properly cleaned. Non-porous materials are treated with a special fungicide that must be left in place for twenty-four hours. This deactivates the spore and prevents further growth.

The next step is cleaning which seeks to remove the spores and disinfect the areas being treated. If walls have become moldy, they are then painted with a special type of paint that seals off the mold so any remaining spores have no opportunity to grow.

While the process takes time, it is imperative each step is carried out precisely. Measures must be taken to protect areas of a home that do not have any mold growth. Once the mold has been removed, air samples must be taken to ensure the air quality in the home is safe. Humidity levels must also be checked and monitored so new mold growth is not encouraged.

If your home has a mold problem, it is imperative you contact Denver mold consulting. A professional mold remediation company will work to ensure the mold is carefully removed so the home is safe for its occupants.