What To Look For In A Powder Spray Booth

Powder coating is a process of applying a protective finish to an object made of metal, wood, or glass. The coating is first applied as a dry powder which is then heated up until it fuses into a solid layer. Not every material can withstand the heat required for powder coating, and that’s why it is most often used on metal. To apply a powder coat, you need a powder spray booth, an enclosed space that protects the surrounding environment. Powder spray booths come in sizes to accommodate any job. If you’re shopping for one, make sure to look for the following features.


A high-quality filter is crucial to a powder booth’s performance. If the air is not properly filtered, particulate may contaminate a coat, making it impossible to get a smooth and perfect finish. Professional booths most often use cartridge filters or a cyclonic exhaust filtration system. If you choose to go with disposable filters, make sure to buy good ones and change them frequently to be sure of a clean finish. In terms of keeping the air clean, it can also be helpful to get a booth with a filtered door. They can help preserve the air quality inside the booth, along with a good filtration system.

Air Flow

All powder booths have an air flow rating, but the exhaust system can have a significant impact on how well the booth performs. One type of exhaust fan is the propeller-style fan, and it works well at lower static pressures. However, these fans are sensitive to the increased load created by filters and will not perform as rated if filters are clogged or contaminated. Another type of exhaust fan is the wheel fan. The backwards-inclined wheel fan requires a larger motor, but it is able to cope with a higher static pressure. The squirrel cage wheel fan is a quieter and more efficient option, and it works well with a moderate load.


A powder spray booth should be well-lit so that the user can see any problems in the powder coat before it’s cured. Ideally, about 150 foot-candles should illuminate the object being sprayed. The best lighting comes from ceiling-mounted fixtures, and it can also help to paint the interior of the booth white for maximum reflection. Check out these additional hints for choosing a powder spray booth.