6 Initial Steps of Motivation Begins With You

6 Initial Steps of Motivation Begins With You

Both children and adults avoid depressed or stubborn people and gravitate to enthusiastic, growth-oriented individuals. These natural leaders share several characteristics. They know and like themselves, take control, demonstrate flexibility, accept responsibility, and live fully. Principals must motivate themselves to become upbeat and growth oriented if they expect to find these traits in others.

That said, as a person and a motivator it is really important to start the motivation first within you. When you are confident and motivated, automatically the world around you will see this energy and learn from it at a physical and subconscious level. The positive energies that you send out will ensure that the right people with similar energies and people who are looking to seek positive energy will automatically get drawn to you.

However, Staying motivated is a struggle. We are constantly assaulted by negative thoughts and anxiety about the future. Though everyone faces doubt and depression, what separates the highly successful is the ability to keep moving forward. This will take a lot of work and a lot of practice. Some tips to help you stay motivated are:

1. First thing in the morning think happy thoughts: Most people have a tough time just thinking happy thoughts. But the problem with that is that people fall into a cycle and refrain from happy thoughts. How your morning shapes up, more often than not depends on what you think first in the morning.

2. Ask yourself ‘will it help if I stress out?’: More often than not, our regular life stress is taken over by your attitude to deal with issues. So, every time you are faced with an issue, ask yourself if it is it will help if you stress over it. More often than not the answer will be No. The more you stress the less you think of alternate options.

3. Keep looking at positive things: Take time to look at the positive thing around you. Notice it, acknowledge it. This automatically fills your thoughts and makes you happy. This automatically encourages the positive thought and motivates you to be the positive thing yourself, and add to it.

4. Think positive thoughts: The more positive your approach, the more positive things you think of, the more positive things you see. The more positive you think, the more you push those negative thoughts away. The more negative thoughts you push away, the more motivated you are.

5. Appreciate little pleasures: The more you appreciate the nice things around you the more positive your attitude is. Make the most of the small things then many small things will manifest and grown into big great things. Make sure you appreciate the little pleasures that surround you.

6. Stay around positive people: Learn to identify if they are appreciative and positive of you or not. This might be the most important thing. People who bring you down, for whatever reason are the worst kind of people to be around. If they are close to you, speak to them about the effect their negativity has on you. If they are acquaintances, you will be better off without interacting with them.