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Choose Among the Three Options of Business Phone Systems

Telecommunication services help business maintain constant communication over the phone. Business cam make use of different types of phone systems. Before a firm settles on any phone systems, it has to assess factors relating to its structures and features of the phone systems. One of the decision that the business will take care of is whether to use mobile phones or to have dedicated phone systems. There are three choices from among which the business cam make a choice if it is to use a dedicated telephone services. The selection should be made bearing in mind factors such as the number of users whom will connect to the phone among others.

Virtual phone systems offer remote connection to people who are located in places other than the company office. It offers auto redirection of calls made to the office telephone when a client calls to the employee home or mobile phone. It helps the organization maintain a professional outlook at a lower cost. It offers automatic call forwarding, faxing, voice mail and call screening.

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Another telephone system is the landline telephones. Copper wires are utilized in making the connections. Landline telephone companies provide these services. It requires installation of on-premises PBX hardware. It may require large upfront investments making it expensive for small business. It is effective for business with poor internet connections. This option is fine for firms with large capital base since it may prove cheaper. The presence of an in-house support staff in called for maintenance.
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The VoIP model is the recent entrant among the phone systems. Rather than copper wires, it utilizes the internet connection the business already has. It is suitable for business with high speed internet connections. The VoIP systems provide remote mobile connections.

A firm that decides to operate on a VoIP system has the option of self hosting or hosted services. The self hosting model requires that the company purchase and possess the rights of the assets used to run the self hosted VoIP system. Among these are the PBX hardware.; the circuit connection board.It is cost effective in the long run though it has high upfront costs. There needs to be a person who is skilled in the maintenance of the telecommunication systems. It is upon the business to ensure that the system is running. Otherwise, they would have to call for external assistance which might b costly. It is effective for companies which want have total control of their phone connections.

The hosted service, on the other hand, is cloud based. Other than the phones, the business does not buy other assets. The telecommunication company takes care of all the facilities. Monthly payment per user basis are made.