Are Your Job Skills Just As Good As Your Replacement?

Are Your Job Skills Just As Good As Your Replacement?

Have you thought about the person who would replace you at your job? What if your employer is thinking about making a change? Are your job skills at least as good if not better than someone that the employer could bring in to do your job? If not, you may be at risk. As an employee, it is essential that you continuously strive to improve at your job so that you are driving sales and accomplishing big things. If you are not focusing on improving so you can maintain your position, someone else could step in.

Are You Updating Your Skills?

One of the most important components to the process is maintaining your job skills. If you haven’t taken refresher courses or attended various seminars as a way to improve your skills and keep yourself fresh, you could be in trouble. The biggest problem individuals have is thinking that what they can do right now is good enough. However, if a human resource manager overseeing you does not see you are able to complete a job task, someone else will do it for you.

Do You Have a Goal Within the Company?

The next step in the process is to have a career goal. Within this company, assuming you want to stay there, you need to have career goals. These goals should include steps to move up in the company, take on new responsibilities or even take on a more supervisory role. Having an in-house career goal and telling your employer about it, encourages your employer to work with you to take on the challenges you need. You may not be ready for the position just yet, but putting the seed in the back of the mind of the human resource manager or your supervisor means that he or she can begin to work with you to work towards that career goal.

Your job skills need to constantly grow and change to meet the demands of the current workforce. If you don’t have the latest skills or you haven’t been all that focused on improving your job skills, network or career goals, realize that your employer can easily find someone else who will do what you do better. That’s not something you really want to happen if you plan to stay with this company long term. You have to be at least as good as your competition if not significantly better.