Brand Marketing Jobs – Are They For You?

Brand Marketing Jobs – Are They For You?

Brand marketing jobs are becoming more popular in today’s job market especially on the internet where so many people now browse for information, entertainment or interact socially. Brand marketing involves the promotion of any brand strategies and activities toward the establishment and maintenance of a brand in the marketplace.

A brand marketing manager will need to be able to demonstrate their ability for new product development, have a solid understanding of consumer behaviour and needs. Excellent verbal and written communication skills will be required, as well as people skills for a brand manager to be successful.

The roles and responsibilities within brand marketing jobs can include:

1. Plan, strategize and execute marketing activities to establish and maintain presence for the brand in the marketplace

2. Research and determine a products weaknesses and areas of improvement

3. Develop effective product positioning in the market

4. Coordinate the activities of others involved in the branding and positioning of the products

5. Define road maps and strategies for the products

Key objectives and deliverables with brand marketing jobs typically include:

Strategic Brand Development – Leading the development of consumer marketing strategies, listening and participating in insight generation processes, which may include development of consumer related measures and objectives.

Leadership – Leading and influencing the decision-making in a cross-functional organization, especially as it relates to developing insights based strategies to improve consumer outcomes.

Customer Research – Identifying key consumer insights for a brand through market research. Obtaining a solid comprehension of the consumer target.

Creative Development – Leading the selection of consumer messages and creative platforms brought forth by brand teams.

Brand marketing jobs typically require a business or marketing degree to get hired in at an entry-level position. Brand managers are often employed by large companies that represent multiple products, such as food or toy conglomerates. Within the organization each brand is treated as its own mini-company, with the brand manager responsible for each brand’s success. These creative, yet analytical thinkers work with big idea people but also manage the smallest details.