Career Costumes With Retro Appeal

Career Costumes With Retro Appeal

When most people think of career costumes they picture police officers, nurses and flight attendants. But there was a time when a woman’s career choices were more limited, and the art of dancing and entertaining was one way an attractive woman could make a living. Of course, we have come a long way since those days, and today the classic women’s careers of bygone eras have become a source of both nostalgia and a new-found level of sex appeal that has women flocking to get their hands on these retro costumes.

Back in the Wild West, working in a saloon was no easy gig. But the beautiful costumes worn by saloon girls who dealt with the rough characters frequenting the saloons sure made them look good while they worked hard! The legend of the saloon girl is that of a woman both beautiful and sexy as well as witty and tough as nails. Today saloon girl costumes are among the sexiest choices around, probably due to the corsets they feature and of course the thigh high stockings. What is now considered the hottest lingerie was once the uniform of the old West saloon working girl.

If you are more of the less-work-more-fun type of girl, consider a retro costume from the roaring 20’s. Flapper costumes are pretty and flirty, and the woman of the 20’s was a little more modern than the old West saloon girl. The flappers shed the long skirts and constricting garments of the previous generation in favor of dresses with clean lines and glamorous accents. Their famous fringe and classic dance moves have made them icons of 20th Century fashion.

If your dance moves have a little more tease to them, consider a brief career as a burlesque dancer. One of the sexiest jobs around is also one of the sexiest Halloween costumes you can choose. Designed to enhance curves and show off some skin, burlesque costumes are some of the hottest around with the recent return to popularity of the burlesque tease performance.

Retro style with a career girl twist means sexy, flirtatious costumes that remind us of an era when women were sexy, men appreciated it, and the jobs meant strutting your stuff. These Halloween costumes are a lot of fun for a modern woman to try her hand at the fashions of yesterday, especially those that were the height of sex appeal in their time.

Whether you want to shimmy to a Wild West piano, dance the Charleston in a flapper’s fringed dress, or strut across the stage in the sexiest burlesque attire, these Halloween costumes will definitely get you noticed and make your Halloween night a vintage celebration.