Did You Know There’s An Optimal Time To Buy Travel Insurance?

Time plays a major role while making a decision about purchasing travel insurance. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase travel insurance at the time you book your trip or very soon after. This is vital because travel insurance policies include time-sensitive provisions, which can broaden your coverage if you purchase the insurance very early during your travel plans.

It is always said that one must buy travel insurance plan as soon as all the bookings are made. Some people buy travel insurance right before leaving for the trip. They do not prefer buying it after booking their flights and accommodation.

Let us explore the correct time to buy travel insurance:

The most vital thing you need to keep in mind is that travel insurance is essential for any expedition. It is advisable to buy travel insurance as soon as you make the bookings and pay for your awaiting vacation, especially if your trip is non-refundable. You might think about buying travel insurance at the last moment. However, the earlier you book travel insurance, the sooner you are covered. Also, choose a plan which is more suitable for you and everyone travelling with you. Opt for a individual cover if you are travelling solo, family travel insurance if its with your loved ones and travel insurance for senior citizens if your grandparents are tagging along.

Core Benefits of Booking Travel Insurance in Advance:

Cancellation Protection

The main reasons for making claims are trip curtailments and trip cancellation. Buying travel insurance in advance helps you to take advantage of the cancellation inclusion in your policy. However, never forget that the insurance company will not permit you to claim for the event that has already occurred.

Medical Protection

Travel insurance provides coverage in case you fall sick or face any injury while enjoying your trip. What if you fall sick before leaving for your awaiting vacation?

So before buying a family or individual travel insurance, make sure you covered yourself for any unforeseen sickness occurring from the time of buying a travel insurance plan.

Tell the insurance company if you have any pre-existing illness while buying a travel insurance policy, in order to determine if your policy covers them or you will have to pay extra cost for it.

Tailor-made Travel Insurance Cover

Buying travel insurance early offers you to adjust to your travel plan to best suit your vacation needs. You can add or the edit the inclusions of your insurance plan and end up with an insurance policy, which works perfectly for you.

Buying at the last-minute

Many people prefer purchasing travel insurance and end up buying it just before leaving for the trip. It is recommended to avoid buying travel insurance at the last moment. The biggest drawback is you get deprived of a number of benefits of your travel plan that you were allowed to.

Always make it a habit to understand the finer details of your policy by going through the policy wordings, checking the exclusions, premium rates, deductibles and clarifying any doubts that you might have regarding the same. You can also check travel insurance reviews, of the various plans offered by insurance provider, and compare them before you settle on your desired plan.