Don’t Procrastinate – It’s Not TOO Late to Brand Yourself After Age 50

Don’t Procrastinate – It’s Not TOO Late to Brand Yourself After Age 50

According to experts* on the subject of procrastination, twenty percent (20%) of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators. They don’t pay bills on time. They file income tax returns late and leave their holiday shopping until the Eve of the work projects…meetings, they are always late! Sound familiar?

Procrastination creeps into our lives through laziness, lack of discipline and motivation, poor self management habits, lack of skills and even perfectionism. Putting tasks off to the last minute can be a major problem in both your career and your personal life.

In December of last year, I became a full-fledged, card carrying member of the 50 plus crowd-with bennies! For self-imposed therapy, I wrote a book, Branding Yourself After Age 50, which provided an excellent opportunity to reflect on the “Undone” in my life. What becomes evident is that there is a real cost to procrastination: missed opportunities, stress, resentment, and guilt.

Here are six easy tips to stop procrastination; or, at least manage it:

1.  SCHEDULE: Set a deadline to accomplish your tasks and put it in writing – a task without a deadline can be put off indefinitely.

2.  PRIORITIZE the list.

3.  CHUNK: Cut the big task on your prioritized list into smaller, more manageable tasks.

4.  ASSIGN short time intervals to each task – you will be amazed at what can be done in 10 to 15 minutes.

5.  REWARD your good behavior. Set up a meaningful reward system – it doesn’t have to be expensive.

6.  PARTNER with someone that will hold you accountable. Consider a fellow procrastinator – work on a task together.

At the age of 50, the cost of procrastination becomes more need to do the “undone” becomes more urgent. What do you really want to accomplish in your life, regardless of your age? And, what causes you not to pursue your heart’s desire with velocity?

Fifty, half a century, half of a dollar, 50%, half fullâEUR¦half way. Lots of people are living to 100 years old and beyond, so the idea that it is too late to address the things you want in life is ludicrous, ridiculous, preposterous, and even nonsensical. Heavens to Murgatroid (Please excuse the baby boomer’s Saturday cartoon flashback!).

If your career has been affected by the economic downturn, NOW is exactly the right time to take a leap of faith and pursue your dreams. Wake up to life.

Got a pocket full of lemons? Make lemonade. Rocked by unexpected circumstances? See opportunity in the waves, instead of crisis on the seas. Feeling afraid? Acknowledge the fear and then do it anyway! But, first gird yourself with preparation – do the work, create the brand strategy, line up your resources and follow the undone in your life.

Fifty is not the end; it is the quest to get better, stronger and wiser.

If you’ve always wanted to go to school — GO!

If you want to learn how to sky dive — DO IT!

If you want 6-pack, 3-pack or just no flab abs — GET BUSY!

If you want to write a book, change your look, start a new career or take up a new hobby —  take a leap of faith and get started.

Honestly,  if not now, WHEN?