Essential Compression Tools Every Lineman Needs

What Are Lineman Compression Tools

The compression tools that a lineman uses can vary and they are essential to the lineman completing his or her job on a daily basis. Compression tools are also used for educational purposes if the linemen is introduced to a new tool that is needed to complete his or her daily work duties. An individual who is referred to as a lineman usually works in many different settings it can be a production, electrician, cable guy, or even telephone pole repairman. When individuals pursue a career as a lineman they usually will use a long list of tools throughout their entire career. So because of this list of lineman compression tools can be very long and extensive. There are specific specialized tools that are used in each industry. An example of a telephone pole repair man may not use the same tools as an electrician.

What Are Specialized Lineman Tools

When it comes to linemen tools each industry has its own set of specifics tools that are utilized just for the work being done in that industry. These tools are usually very important to the linemen over other tools. The most common and specialized tools that are used by linemen in the work environment are mainly under three different categories and they are compression tools, cutting tools, climbers, and gaffs. There are many different types of compression tools that linemen use and what determines the tool that is needed is what type of work that the linemen is doing. When it comes to a compression tool the things that should be taken into consideration is,  is the lineman going to be working in an open space or in a tight space. This information is extremely important because this simple fact can determine which style of compression tool the lineman should use.

When it comes to cutting tools lineman are looking for the best cutting tools on the market. The reason why is because they want cutting tools that are safe and help to reduce the risk of injuring themselves. They also want cutting tools that do not require them to use a lot of effort if they have to cut wire or any other type of material. The main characteristic of a good cutting tool besides safety is that it gets the cutting done quickly. Lastly gaffs and climbers are needed for linemen who work in any industry that requires them to climb poles. Gaffs and climbers can come in the form of irons, spikes, and hooks.

The Characteristics Of A Successful Lineman

There are certain characteristics that every lineman must have in order to be very successful at their job. One of the first and main characteristics is that you have to be in great physical shape and be strong mentally. Being in top physical shape is important because usually as a lineman man or woman. The individual will have to haul a lot of gear up and down poles while they are working. It is important for a Lineman to have mental strength because you need the ability to problem-solve and have the mental stamina to work long hours if necessary. The mental stamina will also help to keep individuals alert to prevent mistakes from occurring that can lead to severe injury. Another important trait of a lineman is that the individual cannot be afraid of heights. A lineman must be comfortable and get accustomed to working at least a hundred feet in the air. These are just a few important factors that any individual should take into consideration before deciding into going into a career as a lineman.