Five Killer Apps for a Career Development Plan

Five Killer Apps for a Career Development Plan

Seriously, a client asked me recently if there were some killer apps for a career development plan that he could use.A� I was unsure how to respond – did he want the app that would provide him a 5 year career development plan, the app that would give him a career development plan sample, or the app that would provide him career development plan examples?

I know I am not that tuned into iPhone, Blackberry, or other Smart phone apps, but I was certain, given my focus on career development coaching and career coaching that there were no apps for him.A� However, since he asked, I thought it would help if I framed my answer in his terms.

The first app you need to have for an effective career development plan will help you to understand what your natural talents are, why you have them, and how you can maximize your talents in a work setting.A� For instance how effective is your attitude toward others, are you a balanced decision maker, or are you effective at evaluating others?

The second app will help you to understand what your behavioral preferences are – for instance are you a problem solver, do you like to interact with others, how persistent and steady are you, and what is your preference for standards and protocol?A� Your behavioral preferences help to determine the type of position and work environment you will work best in – fast, fun, steady, or slow.

The third app helps you to understand your values for instance influence how you stand up for your own rights, how you balance the need for economic return, your ability as a strong leader, or your need for structure and order.A� Your motivational preferences help to determine as well the type of position, work environment, and people you will prefer to work in.A�

The fourth app looks at your skill strengths – your educational background, your occupational focus – how skilled you are at your trade and what your potential for improvement will be if you develop additional skills related to you’re your talents, behavioral preferences, and values.A�A�

The fifth app helps you to pull each of the prior four killer apps into that 5 year career development plan.A� Why 5 years?A� Well, I have observed a regular change in career development for clients that runs roughly in 5 year cycles.A� I have not conducted research in this – it is anecdotal – enough to suggest that it is reasonable to work on a 5 year career development plan that tracks your natural talents, behaviors, values, and strengths and to understand how this awareness can help you to adapt various work roles and tasks to your talents.A�

Make sense?A� Give it a try, and if it works perhaps we can approach all those Smart Phone developers with our career development plan apps.