Five Ways to Be a Better Manager

Five Ways to Be a Better Manager

Before mentioning ways to be an improved manager, it is important to realize that organizations pay their employees for particular tasks that they are supposed to perform. Indeed they are paid to achieve results. Unfortunately managers, in particular, have a vague idea of what results they are required and are therefore, not able to add much value to the company they work for. This leads to a poor performance and makes their job more risky.

A manager’s job is to direct the employees and resources according to a conventional set of ideologies. It is rightly stated that not all leaders make good managers and not all managers can lead. Here are a few key principles that will enhance a manager’s skills that people will love working for.

1. Have the right knowledge about the business and your job. To thoroughly know everything from the right product to the right staff. This is the key to understand everything about your organization. You must also be well-spoken to wisely talk about the financial and cash flows.

2. Evidently define your responsibilities and personal expectations and have no doubt that your employees understand the rewards and consequences.

3. Hire the best people possible and reward them well for their efforts. It is always important to keep your staff motivated. Find ways to manage your staff if you feel lack of motivation in them. Negative employees might turn down the organization therefore try to manage them out of the organization so that the overall productivity does not fall.

4. Be visible, approachable and available to your employees. Your staff must be assured that they can count on you and that you are always there to listen to their problems and will solve them at your earliest. When it is important, communicate in actual time possible.

5. As you are the role model of all the staff working under you, it is important to maintain a positive attitude as it is critical to the achievements of the organization.

The ideal qualities of a good manager need to be present even while you are in the process of job search as it is critical for career development. Always be honest. This will add to building trustworthiness with your staff and board. Do not act more apprehensive about your own interests than anything else. Selfish behavior is generally not acceptable. Do admit your mistakes. Furthermore, ask and listen. This behavior not only makes you a better manager but also enhances your personality traits.