Helpful Safety Tips for Crane Operators

The job of being a crane operator is no walk in the park. A crane operator controls big vehicles which are used in lifting heavy loads. When taking up this job, one needs to be fully aware of the experiences encountered while in the execution of duties. One needs to be mentally prepared for the job as well as have the necessary skills to maintain safety in the workplace. A single mistake may lead to fatal accidents affecting other workers in a site.

The first precaution that every new crane operator should take is to seek certification of relevant bodies that deal with safety for such job descriptions. It is recommended that an operator should meet the OSHA and ASME B30.2 requirements. With this certification, one will know the safety requirements when operating the machines to avoid inflicting injuries and damages to the people working on the site.

A research done by a cranes company known as Konecranes identified 70 percent of crane accidents that happen in the United States to be caused by poor decisions by operators. They added that these accidents are preventable if proper operation and crane safety guidelines are followed.

The research also found out that crane operators are the most affected by crane accidents- 58 percent of injuries and deaths which happen affect the operators. It is therefore clear from these statistics that operators need the safety training more than any other person in the workplace.

The research recommended that crane operators springfield il should first attend a one-day lesson on how to operate the machines while observing safety measures. They should also be trained in how to operate a specific machine. The mistake that normally happens in this field is that operators think they can operate any crane they lay hands on. For experienced operators, this may be allowed, but for new crane operators, they should strictly stick to specific equipment. To become the best crane operator, there are a few guidelines which one needs to observe. All information contained in this article can help crane operators to protect their lives and those of other workers.

Care for Cranes

Before starting a crane, it is important first to check its conditions. Oil and other fluids levels are important to the machines as they can help in maintaining them in good shape. Maintenance of cranes can be costly, and therefore operators need to ensure that all the basic operating rules are observed. Operators need to understand that their work is not just to drive the machine but to also ensure that it is in the best condition.


Concentration while operating a crane is very important. Failure to observe the safety guidelines can cause avoidable accidents. Presence of mind and making sound decisions can help avoid accidents. It is good to keep off from work if you have mental straining issues. Only take up the job when you are in the right frame of mind.