History of Coin Collecting: A Brief Overview

Have you ever received change when at the store and have wondered about the different coins you have in your possession? How old are some of these coins? Where have these coins been? Some of these questions go through the minds of those who are new or avid coin collectors. Coin collecting has been around for thousands of years and continues to be a large part in the lives of people not only across the country, but around the world as well.

Before you sell your coin collection Chicago IL, take a second to look back in the history of coin collecting and where it got started. Since the first coins were minted, people have valued and desired the different coins available for the bullion. Over time, as coins developed with artistic looks and people took the time to collect the newer coins. It was noted in historical records that a variety of coins were collected by numerous people during the medieval Mesopotamia and Ancient Roman periods. Famous leaders such as Augustus was even known to show off exotic coins throughout history to his courtiers and allies while at festivals.

As history continued to go on so did the popularity of coin collecting. It reached such a level of popularity that kings and queens of the Renaissance were known to keep coin collections for themselves. Other famous collectors prior to the 18th century also included Louis XIV of France, Joachim II of Brandenburg, Emperor Maximilian I of the Roman Empire, Pope Boniface VIII, and Ferdinand I. When the Enlightenment period came around it was thought that coin collecting was a sign of sophistication and wealth. Later on, international coin conventions were first held starting in August of 1962. The location of the first convention was Detroit, Michigan. There are also groupings and themes in coin collecting now. One category of coin collecting is the focus on a certain year. A lot of collectors now collect coins based on a certain year or a period of time. This is the most common form of coin collecting. Another category of collecting is country based. This opens up a much wider range of coins available simply because countries such as the United States have history surpassing 200 years. The United States history would include over 100s of coins over 200 years. One more theme of collecting is type collecting. This is often seen as the easiest category to get started in. The reason for this is because quarters in the US began minting with all 50 states on the back of the coins over a period of time. Many of these coins would make their way into the circulation of everyday people and would end up with some of these coins after getting change in the store.

Today, there are a variety of websites that help educate new and upcoming collectors. For more information, this link will help you do so! Coin collecting has been a hobby of people since the first coins have been minted and will continue to do so.