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A person has got to convince Roger Ailes that the new business channel must not be just a business channel like CNBC but a Globe News channel with a business emphasis. I’m arguing that a private business or organization must be capable to employ AND serve who they please…in the public sector of police and fire protection, no…but, in private entities, YES…I mentioned in my arcticle that it is personally repugnant and also, normally, undesirable business.

It is my assertion that the quite truth that the Constitution of the United States exists and the federal and state governments function to make its mandates true for all Americans, including the each of you it is THAT which constitutes an identifyable, actual intangible contribution to the success of your business and for that reason obligates you to comply with the laws of the Constitution.

Once more I emphasise the necessity of skepticism in the audit profession, but this time I would hasten to add that a proper understanding of business in common and especially the business of the client in query is crucial, otherwise the auditor has no ethical grounds to carry out the audit.

From little workshops to huge awards ceremonies, our events are recognised as some of the premier fixtures on the international calendar, and provide an outstanding opportunity to network with the existing selection makers and leaders from about the world.

I have devoted many years of my life to uncover the previous and study the ancient globe for it is here where I connect to reality and find out that the past shapes the future and explains significantly of life and how the systems of control function these days.