How to Advance Your Career?

How to Advance Your Career?

Rome wasn’t built in a day! Career dreams haunt every individual. Every college graduate comes out with a dream to have a high profile job and very fast advancement of his career. He dreams to be what he always wanted to be. Career advancement is very easy if you know how to do it!

There are many ways to do it. An individual should know the proper tactics to go ahead with this stupendous task which can never be done in a short span of time. It takes a lot of hard work and zeal to work towards a very much tenable goal. Here are the pointers to go about this work.

First impression is the last impression they say. It might be clich?� but it surely is the order of the day even till date. This philosophy always works and hence making a good impression on the first job is very important. Your first job is one of the most important career moves. The baby step to a long walk called life. On your first job listen and observe. This is very essential.

Listen to what the boss has to say. Listen to what the others has to say. Remember that they are there before you and hence more experienced. Observe the workplace and absorb all the information that you get. Observe the people. By doing so you will get a good idea about the workplace environment and this will help you a lot in the future.

Beware of the office troublemaker! This is very easy. Observe the people you will surely find this person who is known as the office troublemaker. He will come and tell u the latest gossip about someone and will give you advice that you don’t need at all. Beware of this guy. If today he can talk to you about someone, then tomorrow he can talk about you. These kinds of people exist in all kinds of workplaces. Find him and avoid him.

Mind your manners. Don’t walk into your workplace as if you have walked into your classroom. This is totally different. Try to get that professionalism into your mind. Wear proper clothes. Be in the best of your manners. Keep in ear on the grapevine but never contribute to it. Do this to be on the safe side of all the gossip in the workplace which may affect you.

Networking may be a bit tedious at times but it does help in the long run. Everyone you know is a potential member of your network. Keep this in mind. Be willing to help people in your network. And in turn be ready to ask for help. Don’t use your network only for job hunting. Keep in touch with the people. Thank them if they do u a favor.

Get a mentor who can help you out! Remember there is no shortcut for work!