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Tips That Guide You on Purchasing Diamonds and Jewelry Stones of value like Diamond and Jewelry takes a considerable amount of money and time to buy. Telling the quality of a precious stone when it is mounted is very difficult, so it is advisable that you buy them when they are umounted and verified when you attach them yourself. Below are some of the tips that are going to guide you on the purchase of a genuine Diamond and Jewelry even if you are not an expert. Accessibility and expertise to diamond and jewel; try is a factor that should be considered before you buy the stone. You should be aware that there are fraud stars who will give the wrong information or may be a misinterpretation of the item you are buying. When you buy with fraud stars you will realize that the diamond or jewelry you are presenting is not actually the one that you are carrying and that will be a high risk since this item are expensive. So you should weigh the risk you are taking and the reward you going to get. You are going to have difficulty selling your diamond and jewelry when prior you were found to be selling unoriginal diamonds. Avoid the risk of being cheated by asking the questions directly and getting the answers in writing of which scammers will not give. You should check the written replies you get from the seller with a gemologist or expertise to avoid carrying the fake documents with you and in turn destroy your market value .
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Expensive contracts and unreal claims is a significant thing that you should not forget . You should put into consideration both the hiked prices and inadequate prices. Unreal prices will tell you two things-it is either the seller does not know the actual price of the stone, or he is selling for you a fake one. Scammers are easily making things go in an unprofessional way so this a sure way of identifying them. Verify the seller’s credentials and recommendations yourself to save you from taking fake diamonds and jewelry with you to the market.
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You should measure the weight of the gem one by one and enhance the quality of their color. Scammers would prefer not to measure the weights one by one to generalizing the weight of the whole package. You should confirm if the weights of each stone and the weight of the whole should be indicated for security purposes. You should also enhance the color quality in case you doubt by either washing in water or alcohol. Scammers are always grumpy as they will find a way of rejecting your claims as opposed to genuine seller.