On a Search for Janitorial Equipment 

When looking to maintain and keep a property sanitary, it will be important to use certain equipment. As a janitorial service, it will be important to have the best quality and updated janitorial equipment available. This will enable you to get jobs done more efficiently as well as ensure that the inside of any given property is cleaned to its fullest. Whenever a company is looking for janitorial equipment cincinnati oh, they will want to focus on a number of things. This includes the prices, the type of equipment and the tasks that they will be doing. Focusing on these things will allow janitorial companies to have an idea of what they will need in order to meet the demands of their customers.


The first thing that a janitorial company will need to consider when getting equipment is the prices. Janitorial equipment can be expensive at times so it’s important to find items that are reasonably priced. When looking for the prices of janitorial equipment, it will be a good idea for companies to compare them among businesses that sell this equipment. Most janitorial machines will often cost between $2,000 and $8,000. As a result, this can be quite costly. However, there are companies that may offer certain equipment at a lower price and sometimes even offer discounts. Therefore, it is important to look for discounts. As an alternative to buying equipment, companies in the janitorial industry can also rent it instead as this will save them a considerable amount of money.

Floor Stripping Machines

One of the most common types of janitorial equipment is floor stripping machines. These are large machines that are used to remove a number of materials from a floor’s surface. They will remove things such as the old wax, debris, soil and its covering. Whenever there is a task that will require floor stripping, it will benefit janitorial companies to get a floor stripping machine to complete this important task.

Floor Scrubbers

Another type of janitorial equipment that is often used is floor scrubbers. A floor scrubber is a small machine that is used to sweep and clean floors of any surface. Businesses use these machines in order to more efficiently clean various flooring surfaces. Floor scrubbers can vary in size and speed. If you are looking for one that is compact and one that can clean a floor quickly, you will benefit by getting one of the 14” scrubbers that offers the higher speed option. For those jobs that require bigger surfaces, janitorial companies will benefit by using scrubbers that are 20” in height.

Floor Burnishers/Buffers

After cleaning a floor and scrubbing it, the next thing that a janitorial company will need to do is burnish or buffer a floor. Therefore, they will need to use a floor burnisher/buffer. This type of equipment is a larger machine that cleanses a floor by putting a shine to it. Users of this equipment will need to hold the handle and move it along the surface over again. The size of this machine varies but they are usually 27” and 28” in height. Many of these go for about $4,000. With a floor burnisher and buffer, janitorial companies will have the means to finish any cleaning job with the most efficient equipment available.