Origami Has Got Nothing on This

Every item in your local store, every single item, has a work of art wrapped around it. It’s true. This is not to say that the annoying, impossibly strong clam shell plastic container is a work of art, though it is to some degree. The colorful labels themselves are the result of tremendous effort in design. Not only are they bright and colorful and eye catching, they have all the information that you could possibly need or want printed right on it.

Modern printing techniques of today have given rise to the nifty solution called “miniature folding.” The top printers in the industry have answered the call. They were given a demand and they’ve come through in flying colors. We’ve all seen this brilliant solution and it is far from annoying like the clam-shell issue. It is that clever little fold out label which is loaded with information; ingredients; nutrition info; company info and even wonderful coupons for great savings. All tucked neatly away on the package itself. How cool is that?

Few businesses are cleverer and/or talented and creative than the mighty printer. This is a business model which is older than America itself, and has evolved into the technological powerhouse that it is today, from the classic days of the venerable hand operated printing press. It’s a true art form and has kept pace with the digital revolution in true style. They’re also responsible for true innovation such as the little fold out labels that are, for all intents and purposes, little 3-dimensional web pages. These little printed item manuals even go so far as to reduce pollution and waste. How many people simply keep them for reference rather than toss them in the trash where they inevitably end up in some landfill? Every little bit helps, right?

If you have always wanted one of these little fold out billboards for your product, but don’t necessarily have what it takes to think up a design. Don’t hesitate to put your local printing professional to the task. They have a staff of graphic design gurus who are simply champing at the bit for a chance to bring your label ideas to fruition. And they can do it. It’s what they were trained to do. It’s what they were born to do. Artists are crazy that way, thank goodness.

The benefits outweigh the cost. Even though the cost is competitive. This is a direction in marketing which has made its mark and is proliferating wildly. Again, we’ve all seen it. Now we all want it, and now we all know how to get it. Pull the trigger on your publicity plans and label your fine product in style. No human can resist the shiny, colorful labels. It’s the nature of marketing itself. It can’t not work.

Printing services are incredibly advanced and what they can do for you is nearly limitless. It is a true art-form.