Practical Tips on Building Your Brand Within Your Organisation

Practical Tips on Building Your Brand Within Your Organisation

Who says brand building is only good for marketing purposes? Creating your personal brand within your workplace is an important aspect of career development that everyone should master.

Brand building is a concept which means establishing an impressive reputation within an industry or company. Building your brand is a way to position yourself and to make your boss and your colleagues realise your value within the company.

The question is how do we build our own personal brand in the office without appearing too aggressive? Here are a few tips on how you can create your own personal brand without giving the impression of being self-aggrandising.

A� Become an expert. Yes, you heard me right. Be an expert in your particular field of work and leverage your expertise through outstanding work performance. You can become an expert at work by enriching yourself with knowledge and improving your skills through trainings, seminars and short courses. Investing in your career is investing in your future.

A� Maintain a positive attitude. Be optimistic no matter what challenges you may face at work. Maintain your composure even under pressure. Let your optimism show to everyone in the office.

A� Dress to impress. How you dress for the office reflects a lot on how you are going to be branded as a worker. Dress professionally. Well-groomed and professional-looking employees are often tagged as someone efficient and reliable. Scruffy-looking workers are often tagged as disorganised and lazy.

A� Always go to work on time. Never be late arriving to work. Tardiness is considered one of the mortal sins in career development so if your goal is to move forward in your career, never be late in going to work and don’t be absent often.

A� Avoid office politics. Gossiping and office politics will always be a part of the workplace. If you want to maintain a good reputation and build your brand, you need to avoid getting involved in office politics as it can ruin your image and your career in the long run.

A� Network with people within the organisation. Take advantage of every opportunity to network with other people especially key personalities in your office. The key to building your personal brand in the office is to let managers and decision-makers know you exist and that you are a valuable worker.

A� Get a mentor. To learn effective techniques in building your brand you need the expertise of a career mentor. A mentor will help you in making major career decisions and will assist you as you step up the career ladder by teaching you the trick of the trades. If you don’t have a mentor at work then use a professional career coach who will encourage you to achieve your goals, whilst supporting you in the ways that you need to be supported.

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