Preparing Yourself for the Interview Day

Preparing Yourself for the Interview Day

Although we wait desperately for an interview call but as the interview day comes near we start having butterflies in our stomach. You might have faced a number of interviews before but it is important to take proper preparation before going for another interview. In this article let’s discuss what are the different elements that will assist us in face the brain storming sessions during the interview.

Things to Analyze before the Interview

Self -Assessment – It is important to understand personal strength and weakness. Don’t hide personal weakness but the strength and past accomplishments should be considered first to boost the confidence. Evaluate personal education background, skills, accomplishments and other qualities to choose any one feature to convey in the interview.

Resume – The CV should have a standard format. Always provide authentic information in the resume. Follow the different online job guide to know about the different types of CV writing.

Research about the Employer – It is better to gather thorough information about the employer. Understand their business tactics and records over the past few years and think how you can bring changes and further improvement in them. Know about the size and structure of the organization, the main competitors of the company also collect information about the recent new items, trends and related to the company.

Practice Interview Techniques – Rehearse well how you want to introduce yourself to the interviewee. It is better to follow a unique way to introduce yourself. This might help in creating a positive impact. Many interviewer make up their mind in the first few minutes of the interview whether they want to appoint that candidate or not.

Things to consider during the Interview

It is important to dress properly for the interview to look presentable. Also carry the right attitude. Be positive and confident. It is better to answer the question with proper examples from your practical experience. The positive and negative attributes of an interview are as follows


• Have a proper sitting posture

• Carry a proper body gesture

• Try to hide your tension by maintaining a pleasant facial expression.

• During the conversation keep proper eye – contact

• It is better to answer concisely

• Be attentive and thoughtful

If you don’t know any answers express it directly. Try to rectify the mistakes you made in previous interviews. Always use the interview as a learning experience for proper career development. Thank the interviewer as the interview is over. It is advisable to write a personalized letter in order to thank the organization or the interviewee for giving you the opportunity. This will help setting yourself from other applicants of the same designation.