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Costs of Climate Change Environmental conservation is not a single individual task but a combined effort of all stakeholders. The effects of climate change are already felt across the globe. This has manifested in different forms including floods, drought among others. Clearing of trees for personal and commercial uses has contributed much to the climate change. Reclaiming land for settlement and farming has been a major driver of people clearing trees. Printing papers are products of trees and this explains why the printing industry can be attributed to tree clearing. Different interest groups have realized the importance of conserving the environment owing to the negative impacts experienced. The printing industry have come out in large numbers to champion awareness for environmental conservation. Major printing companies have chosen to be ambassadors of environmental conservation by choosing to go green. On top of being beneficial to the environment, it is equally important for the respective business as customers would love to relate to eco- friendly businesses. Printing companies have embraced the mantra to go green which is a good move to emphasize the issue of environmental conservation. This calls for systematically eliminating or reducing the harmful chemicals and wastes that are a threat to the environment. This has been experienced in the types of papers used in printing by these companies. Many of the printing companies have reduced reliance on virgin printing papers and hence aided a lot in conserving the environment. Water pollution, energy waste among others have been reduced by this move to recycle printing papers. Tree cover at the end of the day will be spared in that much of printing papers are recycled and this is important in the long- run for climate conservation. Modern printers have also embraced the aspect of total no chlorine when it comes to production of papers. The result is toxic chemicals that are harmful to the marine life. By making sure that harmful chemicals are avoided in the printing process, environmental awareness has been created making it possible for environmental conservation.
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Printing also requires inks. Not long ago when printing agencies used inks made from harmful chemicals that are a threat to the environment. The current vegetable oil based inks used by eco- conscious printers has reduced the harmful effects to the environment. It is important to note that the vegetable-based inks are more renewable and biodegradable. It has been proven that these inks are eco-friendly and can be easily dispersed from the papers in the recycling process. In essence, many of these printing firms have created awareness and at the same time led by example to conserve the environment. Benefits of environmental conservation can be felt by every individual regardless.If You Think You Understand Health, Then This Might Change Your Mind