The Art of Promotion: Will You Get Promoted in 2012?

The Art of Promotion: Will You Get Promoted in 2012?

As 2012 is halfway over, it is time to evaluate your progress in your career thus far and assess your strategy to achieving your career goal. If receiving a promotion was one of the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year, take this quiz to find out if you are on the track to climbing up the career ladder.

Have you expanded your credibility within the industry you work? Developments in technology have lead to rapid changes and expansions, thus it is crucial to not only stay up to date with the trends, but also expand your knowledge of the work you are doing or aspire to do. Knowledge is the power you need to maintain your competitive advantage in the workforce. In addition to gaining knowledge, you must also build your credibility in the industry. Attending conferences and composing a blog or articles using your knowledge of the current and future trends are some excellent ways to build your credibility.

Do you have a diverse and large professional network? A large professional network is the key to success. The more people you know, the larger your reach is when communicating your talents, abilities, goals, and ambitions. Therefore it is more likely that you will be discussed when opportunities are available. If you do not currently have a relationship with individuals higher in the company, consider building a mentoring relationship with them. This will not only increase your network, but will also provide you with an individual to guide your career development and offer advice and information.

Have you continuously managed your personal brand? To climb the corporate ladder it is necessary to have the ability to market yourself and your brand image. This includes maintaining a professional appearance and reputation at all times. It is also important that you maintain records of projects you have worked on and the quantifiable results.

Can you communicate your accomplishments to promote yourself? Although you might have a great personal brand, it is only useful if you are able to effectively communicate it to the professional world. When discussing your promotion with your supervisor, present this opportunity as a sales pitch you might make to a client. Have a resume of your accomplishments and the value you have added to the company to support your promotion and also to provide you supervisor with evidence of your achievements if he needs to present this opportunity to fellow executives.

Do you regularly perform work outside of your job responsibilities? In order to be promoted, you must show that you are able to reach outside of your job responsibilities, contributing to more high-profile projects and also contribute to the overall team effort of the corporation. Be the one to volunteer for cross-functional project. This will not only help you build your professional network, but it will also increase and communicate the value you have to the company.

Score Yourself. How were you able to answer the above questions?

If you answered yes the majority of them, you are likely to receive that promotion you have been working towards. Keep yourself motivated and focused on being the best in your position and going above and beyond your duties.

On the other hand, if you had difficulty answering these questions, then you need to reevaluate your focus at work. Take the time to look at the questions you weren’t able to answer yes to and develop a plan to focus on improving these areas of your career. It is never too late to take control of your career, and change your strategy to reaching your career goals. With enough determination and hard work you will receive the promotion you deserve.