The Aspect of Social Networking Sites in Career Development

The Aspect of Social Networking Sites in Career Development

Social networking sites have completely revolutionized the way we do business. People have turned to these sites to look for jobs thus it has helped in career development. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are popular especially to the young people. The sites help the young people to link up with old friends and also meet new ones.

But some young people have realized that companies are now using these social networking sites to recruit employees. Therefore, when setting up your profile on a site like Facebook or Twitter do not hesitate to mention what you are good at. Something to note is the difference of the two mentioned social networking websites. While on Facebook you need to connect with someone for you to share or view each others profile, on Twitter you can connect with anyone.

Both these websites are very good in sell yourself to the world. It is also important to know how to relate with other users on these sites. So as not to appear like you are intruding, allow the people you are connected with to first express themselves hence you will know what, when and how to share your knowledge or expertise.

Employers are interested in knowing who you are thus make sure if you are seeking to make a good first impression use a professional picture, state your names and your resume. In addition, whenever you are posting on your status bar, make sure it is also professional content so that people take you serious.

Today, you have an opportunity in career development by selling yourself to the world though social networking sites. We are in the information age; therefore also surf the internet for content on how to prepare for a job interview.