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How to Safely Transport and Store Hazardous Chemicals It is important to ensure any hazardous chemicals that are in your workplace are properly stored. When not stored properly, hazardous chemicals can cause illnesses when inhaled or ingested, fires, corrosion and other spillage problems. These chemicals need to be put in specially made containers and transported following specific guidelines. Anyone that works in an area where hazardous chemicals are used to be trained on how to properly handle and store them. These employees are critical to the safety of everyone in the workplace. Therefore, they should know how to store and transport the chemicals in a safe manner. Storage Preparations for Hazardous Chemicals It is important to know the compounds used to make a chemical before storing it. The information can be found on the chemical’s safety data sheet (SDS). The chemical’s label will also have information about storage. You should also know how much of the substance you will be storing and for how long.
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The toxicity and stability of the substance should also be considered. If you store some chemicals in extreme conditions, they can become unstable. This being the case, make sure that the storage area is not too cold nor too hot. The containers where the chemicals are stored should also be inspected. The best containers to store hazardous chemicals are the same ones that they are sold with. Household or food containers should not be used to store hazardous chemicals.
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Make sure that all the containers where the chemicals are stored have a label indicating the name of the chemical. The labels should also have the expiry date as well as hazard signs that can be caused by the chemicals. Create new labels in case the existing ones have come off the containers. Any container whose ingredients are not know perhaps because there is no label should be disposed off. The best place to store hazardous chemicals is in a depot with a bund. If possible, the storage areas should also have spill containments. Proper Storage of Hazardous Chemicals You should wear the right protective gear when going to handle hazardous chemicals. Apart from this, safety placards and signage should be placed in the storage areas. You can never know whether accidents will happen when you are transporting chemicals to the storage area. Therefore, you should be ready to contain any unexpected spillages. It is also important to have a containment plan of handling explosions that can occur to reactive chemicals getting unstable during transportation. It is important to safely design the area where the chemicals will be stored. It is also important to inspect the racking systems or tanks where the chemicals will be stored. Incompatible chemicals should be separated to prevent them from reacting with other substances. The above is an overview of how you should safety transport and store hazardous chemicals.