The Importance of Career Progress

The Importance of Career Progress

How important is your career to your life? How important is it to your families health and well being? How does your career affect your future? What are the consequences of not taking your career progress seriously?

You should always ask yourself the above questions in order to remind yourself of the importance of your career and to help keep you focused on progressing in your career. It sometimes surprises me how lazy some people are concerning their careers and career progress. Sure some people are driven and reach success but there’s so many who are happy to turn up everyday without a thought towards where their career is taking them in the future. Don’t be one of these people. Realize how significant your career is in the scheme of your life. What it means to you, your well-being, and of course your family.

Take control of your own career and become AWARE of your personal value. No one…. I mean no one at all is going to get you to where you truly could be or want to be EXCEPT YOU.

No longer is it enough to cruise through your work without chasing the most you can get on a daily basis. No longer is the normal superannuation contributions enough. No longer will the average superannuation savings finance your lifestyle in your retirement.

What is your ideal lifestyle? And do you wish to continue this lifestyle into your retirement? For the average person this goal is never going to eventuate. With cost of living and economic problems ever increasing, the average job scenario with average wages just isn’t going to cut it if you want to live your ideal lifestyle in your twilight years. House investments? Marriage? Kids? This stuff ALL COSTS MONEY. LOTS OF MONEY. And this is expected. You need to create enough cash flow in order to fund all these things in your life and to create a happy and healthy lifestyle for you family. But do you have higher financial goals for yourself and your family? Do you want to be truly Financially secure? Create a financial buffer in case of hard times? Of course you do, every responsible adult wants to provide and protect their family and themselves.

For the average employee on the average wage considerable and effective investment can only occur after a certain event. This event marks the point when you can fund all your current lifestyle including incidentals and crises and also have enough money left over to safely spend on investments. I call it breaking through the ‘financial excess’ threshold. Reaching this level with your pay will change your financial life and will help you reach financial security sooner. It will be the time when you can really start getting some solid investments under your belt which means the ability to generate even more money. The earlier you hit this threshold the better.

Finance is only one of the factors that makes your career progress so important. More factors will be explained in the future!

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