The Serious Work Blunder: How to Make Up For Errors

The Serious Work Blunder: How to Make Up For Errors

How do you make up for a serious work error? How about if your negligence becomes a cost burden to your company? Would you run away and AWOL? Or would you be courageous enough to face the problem?

How often does an employer encounter employees who does serious mistake in work yet continue to trust and empower them? Very often and although serious work blunder may cause company charges and penalties, still these kind of work problems are less things to worry by a company. Of the many factors that are considered to be top reason for employment termination, work error is insignificant compared to factors that mostly relates to employee’s attitude and character in work. When we say serious error, it’s unintentional omission of work, or an unplanned mistake in work which the employee committed. And oftentimes this kind of error adds to the cost of the company which is neither part of the budget nor part of the company policy.

Some of these mistakes are erroneous document submission which leads to cancellation of contract; government requirements ignored that leads to penalization, wrong quality of main materials purchased that leads to workflow interruption and deadline, and many more. All these problems can cause chaos in your mind and fear for employer reaction. But if you are determined to face the problem, it’s the best decision you’ll be making. In order for your courage to come up with a real result, have with you the attitude to make up for the mistake.

Find a solution to the problem and discuss it with your boss

If there’s a problem, there’s always a solution. Do not despair and be stressed out if you have mistakenly omitted something. First thing you must do is to amend the mistake and propose a solution that will eliminate the problem. If it will add cost to your company, propose an outsourcing of fund.

Be honest and lay the truth while it’s still early

Sometimes your fear holds you back from telling the truth immediately. And oftentimes this may add more on the delay of your work and mistake. If you have made the mistake right now, immediately find a solution and divulge the truth to your boss. Solution can be tough to find also that’s why you need to disclose all your information to your immediate head because they can be your help in delivering the message to the higher ups because they too are affected by your error.

There are many factors you have to consider before coming up with a solution for making up. But the best attitude to work things out is to act immediately. The more you delay and prolong the days of covering up the error the more you are prone to stress and more mistake. Acting out immediately cuts the fear and starts the solution for your blunder. Always remember that every individual commits mistake and how you handle the problem can make or break your career.