The Things You Need to Know About Sheet Metal Stamping

If you are not familiar with the metal stamping industry, then this article is for you. We are going to go in depth on what metal stamping is and how it affects the world around you. Let’s dive right in.

Metal stamping affects much more of your life than you probably realize. Household items, such as dryers, flatware, pans, pots, and washers are made from sheet metal stamping. The car you drive is made through the sheet metal stamping process. Most items that you possess have some sort of stamped components within them.

What Is Sheet Metal Stamping?

Sheet metal stamping, also called pressing, is a process in which a flat piece of sheet metal is stamped by a press into a die. The die is a mold of the shape that the piece of sheet metal takes on due to the pressure of the stamp. The term metal stamping also encompasses punching, blanking, coining, bending, flanging, embossing, and pressing.

Who Uses Sheet Metal Stamping?

A variety of different businesses can use sheet metal stamping. The main contenders are automobile makers, aircraft manufacturers, and appliance crafters. These companies will pay a sheet metal stamping company, such as the one at, to produce parts for their products. The process of sheet metal stamping is much cheaper than using the traditional casting method.

What Careers Are In This Industry?

As we discussed above, the sheet metal stamping process has three main components. There is the sheet metal, the press, and the die or mold. Some examples of the careers that one can go into in the metal stamping industry include:

Process Engineer – This engineer oversees the entire operation from the sheet metal coming in, to the finished product going out. Their job is to optimize the entire process to ensure maximum efficiency.

Die Designer – The die or mold that is used for the sheet metal shape is imperative to the whole process. A die designer will work with clients to create a die that will produce the product they want to complete their own products.

Machinist – This is the person that is responsible for cutting out the die that will be used during manufacturing.

Production Die Technician – These technicians are employed to take care of the press. They provide necessary maintenance and repair to the components of the press and the die throughout the manufacturing process.

What Types Of Stamping Presses Are There?

There are two main types of stamping presses that are used in sheet metal stamping factories. These include mechanical and hydraulic presses. The mechanical presses are hand-operated by an employee at the factory. These are typically used for the lighter metals that don’t require as much force to bend. The hydraulic presses are more common for heavier metals and more precise stamping procedures.

Metal stamping is a very unique industry that has many facets that one can learn about. This industry is the cornerstone for many of the products that we have today and allows for many new jobs to be created as the demand for metal stamping continues to grow.