The top 5 Must-Have Insurances in Germany!

Moving to a very new country can be difficult. All the hurdles you face at the start might seem really hard and frustrating to handle. But the thing is, once you start understanding how the country runs, the whole experience starts getting easier and better. But there are few things that help you make your experience better than ever. And of course, one of those things is having different insurances. Insurance unquestionably plays a crucial role; it doesn’t matter where you live. But the question is, what types of insurance should you get if you are living in Germany? Let’s find out!

The insurance you should consider having in Germany!

Let’s take a brief look and see what types of insurances you should definitely have if you are living in Germany!

1.   Health Insurance

Is there anyone in this world who is willing to risk their health and life? Probably not! Well, and what better solution could there be just to get health insurance and start living a feasible life. Not only that, but German policies have stated that it is mandatory for every person residing in the actual country for more than three months to have health insurance. And the best thing is, the healthcare in Germany is quite great, and you get several options to opt for in any unfortunate scenario.

2.   Liability Insurance

Germans are very keen when it comes to damaging or hurting them in any way possible. So if you do not want to get sued and spend all your money on bails, you might really want to get liability insurance to bring relief. Liability insurance makes sure that the damages you have caused have been covered along with all the legal charges imposed on you.

3.   House Insurance

It does not precisely matter if you own a house or rent an apartment; home insurance can offer your benefits in both cases. House insurance offers you feasibility in case the products in the house get damaged. Different house insurance companies have different policies that you have to consider. Some offer protection for natural disasters or theft, while some offer liability for damage caused by you or your family too.

4.   Car Insurance

Many people in Germany use public transport, but if you have decided to buy a car, it is mandatory to get comprehensive car insurance. Car insurance usually offers full protection even if you get into an accident and if it was your fault. The insurance company will not only cover your damage but the damage caused by your car too.

5.   Life Insurance

Simply said, no one knows if they will be able to live the next day. But the thing is, have you ever wondered what would happen to those who depend on you? In that case, life insurance can help them out if you are not there.


Well, these are the top five insurances that you should have if you are planning to move to Germany. Just make sure that you are not over-spending on any insurance and if everything is in your budget.