Ways to Complete Weekend Projects

People have the best of intentions when they decide on a weekend project. It can be yard work, cleaning out the garage, replacing the bathroom flooring, or converting the basement into a game room. Those projects are small enough to be completed in one weekend, but many times all the work is not completed. There is usually one, maybe two, thing that spills over into the evenings during the week, or the next weekend. All contingencies were not anticipated, extra trips were needed to gather forgotten supplies, the project took longer, or piles of rubbish remain.

Whatever is left to be completed lingers for a while because family members are tired, discouraged, or cannot seem to make time to add finishing touches to that project. The main reason for not completing the project is that the family did not accurately measure the time the project would take. It sounded easy enough. Surely with everyone doing something it would get done. There is plenty of time in one weekend. Major cleaning projects, small renovations, and yard work require a lot of time and energy. There is a lot for one family to do. Organizing tasks prior to beginning a project, making lists of what will be needed, planning meals for the while weekend, and hiring a company to remove all the rubbish are a few ways to ensure that weekend project will get completed in one weekend.

Wednesday night before beginning the project, make a list of all materials and tools that will be required. Remember to read any instructions that will be followed, double check measurements or accuracy, and review the list with the family. Plan on getting everything needed Thursday afternoon. Stopping for meals is essential, but few families plan them. Keep the menu simple, but healthy. Throw ingredients in the slow cooker first thing in the morning so supper is ready when at the end of the day. Have cold cuts or egg salad, a green salad, and some fruit available for lunches. It is quick, will provide energy, and requires minimal clean up. After the project is completed, no one will want to gather up piles of rubbish, load them in the truck, and haul them off to the dump. Hire a cost-effective company that does hand loaded rubbish removal. Families can click here for details on services, pricing, and benefits.