When is the Best Time to Apply for Your First Kredittkort?

There’s an ongoing debate about what the best time to apply for a credit card is and when people should do it. Of course, before you reach the age of 18, lots of things are illegal, but having a personal bank account is not a problem and all children can have one.

Parents will guarantee the safety and the return of eventual spending of the funds from it, and kids can freely use it whenever they want. Still, all experts suggest that the best time to do it is after a particular age. In general, the age of 18 is the number that is most commonly mentioned, but it’s not necessary to wait until then.

A lot of kids open an account earlier because they have their own funds and earn money, so if you’re in a situation like this, you should do it without worrying that it is too early. Some things will not go in your favor, but others will – you just need to know the facts.

In this article, we’re talking more about these facts. We will explain some of the most valuable and crucial issues and features that you must know when thinking about getting your first or new credit card. Check out what we have prepared for you and see if you can learn something out of it.

1. When you become a student

The logical moment when you need money and a card is when you become a student. Tons of financial companies will offer their services for those that become students but providing student credit cards. See more about these types of cards here.

If you own a student loan, then it’s normal to have one of these. These student items come with a lot of benefits that are tailored for the group of people going to college and having the needs that all students do. Professionals gathered to find the best solutions, so you can apply for one if you’re a student.

2. When you get your first job

It’s only logical to apply for a credit card when you get your first job. This is the time when you have a steady income and you need one to cover your needs. You’re leveling up in your life and you want to start living a better life. The kredittkort is the only solution that comes to mind that’s logical.

Another important thing here is that financial institutions offering their services will be the happiest to see you in their offices. With your credit score, you’re the most eligible to get one. Becoming part of their users makes them the happiest.

That’s because you’re going to come in bringing a lot of cash, and when you start borrowing from them, they’ll be sure that you’re good for your money. You can easily repay what you borrowed and this is why they love having you.

Having a great credit score also improves the benefits and the general terms that they’ll provide. They’ll give you so many options unlike those that have a poor credit score. You will get a better interest rate, no additional fees, and a lot more rewards coming from their games. It’s great being a first-time customer and asking for a card without being in debt.

3. When you need more money to get the things you need

Let’s say that you’re planning a wedding. You only have a few options – get a loan from a bank, or applying for a credit card. Sometimes getting a loan is a logical solution, but in many cases, a simple card will do the job.

If you feel like you’re more likely to do the second one, you should look for the options that billigerekredittkort.no and their competitors will offer. Some are better than others which is why you need to dedicate yourself to searching.

When you need more money, the banks will be happy to provide it. Just walk into their offices, tell them what you need the money for, and they’ll come up with a plan that will be perfect for you. Mind the little details and ask questions, that’s how you’ll get the best deal out of it.

4. When you need financial security

Some people can’t see themselves as not having enough money in their pockets at all times. They want to be financially free and secured. This is a great time to ask for one. If you feel like you might get into a situation in which you don’t have enough money, that’s when you need a card.

For example, what happens if you have an emergency situation and you need money? What if you end up in a hospital, and the insurance is not enough to cover everything? You must have a plan for these moments in life. The only solution here is to pay for the surgery, or the treatment you receive.

A credit card will have enough funds on it to cover the treatment you receive. When everything passes, and you’re steady and ready to work again, then you’ll repay the debt that you created. It’s better to be in debt than be left untreated. This might cause death, and what’s not having a debt meant if you’re not alive?

5. When you need a debt consolidation

A lot of people decide to do a debt consolidation through a credit card. This is a great idea since this option can provide much better terms than the other standard loans. Of course, not in all cases, but you may be eligible for some better terms.

Go through the options that financial companies will offer to you and decide if it is worth taking it. In some cases, the terms will be much worse than the other thing, while in others it will be a better deal to do it this way.  

6. When you feel like security is not a priority on your debit

Owning a debit card means that you have an account where funds that you earn go. However, if someone steals them, there’s no way to get them back. This is not the case when you have a kredittkort. When you have this type, your money is insured.

When you have your money insured, you’re getting the best deal. Even if someone tries to steal them, the bank and the insurance company will agree to return them to you. In other words, you have nothing to worry about not having them. If someone breaches in, you’re still not losing anything and you’re safe and sound.


After everything written above, you get the idea about when it is the best time to apply for a kredottkort. You should look into your needs and possibilities, and see if you’re eligible for one. If you’re not, then give up on having one.

If you are, then you should go ahead and do it. There’s no need for making calculations but do exactly what’s best for you. If you have a great income, then why not have a credit card? If you want to be secured, then you should definitely do it. It’s all up to your needs and wishes.