Where Do Accountants Work?

Where Do Accountants Work?

So just where do accountants work? It may seem that job opportunities in this field are limited in a down economy, since accountants’ work is concerned with managing money, but the fact is that there are always numerous job opportunities in this field. Businesses, organizations and wealthy individuals will always need accountants, even when money is tight. Regular people also need accountants to help with their taxes. If you have a knack for numbers and good organizational skills there are many places you could work as an accountant after getting a college degree and becoming certified.

One of the most common accounting positions is the public accountant. While working at a public accounting firm you will be able to help people and businesses audit, manage and track their spending. You may also specialize in financial consulting, tax planning, investment tracking, retirement planning and other services.

You may also choose to work in a government office as an accountant. Whether you work for local, state or federal government offices, your duties will include auditing records and working with teams of other financial professionals. This is a steady job with excellent pay and benefits.

Large businesses and corporations often hire their own teams of accountants to work in-house. If you take this type of job you might track receipts, sales and spending, or you might work as an internal auditor to catch any potential mistakes or suspicious-looking activities that may raise attention with the IRS. You may also help to reduce spending, and plan the company budget.

If you have an interest in law enforcement you may also consider becoming a forensic accountant. This job involves working with law enforcement agencies on criminal cases that have to do with embezzlement, fraud and other financial activities that may be illegal.

There are many places where accountants can work. You may even start your own small firm and work with individuals or small business clients on your own if you have more of an entrepreneurial spirit. As long as we have a financial system, this job will be in demand.A�