Writing a Career Change Resume Is Easy, Just Follow These Helpful Tips! (Part Two)

Writing a Career Change Resume Is Easy, Just Follow These Helpful Tips! (Part Two)

Make Your Writing Effective

The following list of resume tips, focuses on how to make your experience and qualification stand out and make an impression.

Describe accomplishments, not responsibilities. What you have done in the past gives employers clues and expectations about what you can do for them now and in the future. Use action verbs like Led, Designed, Implemented, Managed, etc.

Include RESULTS. What impact did your action have? Ask yourself “so what?” Quantify your accomplishments. Use numbers, dollar figures, and percentages to dramatize accomplishments and convey significance. Describe revenues, profits, savings of costs or time, number of projects, number of people managed or team members, etc.

Don’t use I or any other pronouns in writing your resume. You can also eliminate a, an, the, etc.

Use short, bulleted statements that pack punch and can be easily absorbed by the reader. Don’t use twenty words when ten will do.

Make sure the writing in your final version is perfect. There’s no excuse for typographical errors, etc. Have someone else proofread it.. and again.

Produce your resume on a computer and print it using a quality printer. • Print on a high-quality paper. White, Light Gray or Ivory only.

If you have less than five years in the workplace, use one page. If more than five years, two pages. NEVER more than two!

Use Times New Roman or Anal type font, 11 or 12′ point type.

1/2″ to 1″ margins. Leave some white space. Double space where appropriate. Make it easy to read. Don’t strain the reader’s eyes!

Use full justification, left and right.

Remember your resume is a work in progress. Don’t hesitate to revise it but don’t have too many versions or you will confuse yourself and others.

Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t include an objective. Your objective is to get the job that you’re sending that resume for!

No need to state the obvious.

Don’t label your resume with the word resume. Your reader knows what it is.

Don’t include salary history or information.

Don’t include personal statistics other than contact information.

Don’t include references, or write that they are available on request. That’s obvious.

Don’t include testimonials or tributes from others.

Don’t include your photograph unless you’re an actor or a model.

Don’t include hobbies or interests unless they support your job objective. Save these for networking and interviews and use them to enrich your conversations.

Executive Resume Writing Service Tips

Sometimes and executive resume writing service may be the best way to get a great resume that speaks to your experience and skills. Here are some key things to remember when choosing an executive resume service.

Choose your keywords. If you’ve ever conducted a Google search, you know what a keyword is. It’s the specific word or phrase that someone uses to find something on the Internet. The same applies for resumes–which increasingly are sent and received over the web. But however you plan to submit your resume, use keywords to showcase your skills and talents. Translate your military background by relating your skills to the requirements of the private sector organization you’re applying to, and use keywords or terms that are known and used in that environment.

Format for emphasis and readability. Use strong visual aids in your resume, like bullets, headlines, and indentation to grab the reader’s attention. You can assume that there are a number of resumes that this reader has to review. In fact, when writing your resume, assume that your readers are actually looking for a reason to not read it, to put it aside and move on to the next one. Don’t let them! Stop them in their tracks with relevant content and a high-impact presentation.