Your Guide To Planning Original Corporate Gifts

As if finding the perfect gift for your own family and friends isn’t hard enough, now somehow your boss made you in charge of the corporate gift baskets and you couldn’t be more stressed about it. Finding the right gift for someone is difficult enough and now you have to find one that will suit the needs of an entire company? That is rough. That’s why I am here to give you some expert gift-giving advice and how to come up with unique, fun yet simple gifts to your staff.

Coffee or Tea Selection

Although not everyone drinks coffee, it’s a safe bet that more than 80% do and the other 20% will hopefully like tea or knows someone who does to utilize this gift. A coffee arrangement is nice because it can be used for any gender and virtually any age and does not expire too quickly. People will enjoy this gift because on average, the everyday coffee drinker will only use a small variety of coffee blends and probably sticks to something on the cheaper end, so giving them a nice little selection of some new, premium blends of coffee might be a nice change.

Corporate Gift Baskets

A gift basket containing a nice plethora of different items is also a great idea when giving gifts to an entire company. Try making a nice fruit and chocolate basket and include some different varieties of chocolate and some high-quality fruit. Everybody likes a nice fruit basket but when you add in some fancy chocolate as well it makes for a perfect corporate gift idea.

Cooks Assortment

Everybody has to eat right? That’s why a cooks basket assortment makes a great gift as well since everyone can use it and it will be appreciated by all. Get a nice pot or food storage container and fill it with pasta, sauce, spices, etc. This is something that will be useful to everyone and it’s nice to help with grocery shopping and the cost of food. Get creative with it too and come up with some fun and unique ideas to fill your pot with and then use it as your go-to gift when in a pinch.

Custom Water Bottle or Coffee Mug

A custom water bottle or coffee mug is another great gift that will appeal to almost every employee you have. Most employees are already bringing their own personal water bottle to fill throughout the day or a coffee mug to travel with their coffee they made at home so why not give them a custom mug or water bottle that is high quality and has the company name or logo on it. This is something they can all use anywhere and at any time.

Succulent Garden

Give the gift of life, and try giving out a succulent garden as your next corporate gift idea. Succulents are just tiny, little plants that are generally easy to maintain but are very beautiful and full of life. Something like this is great because they can sit it on their desk at work to enjoy it while they work and bring a little cheerfulness to an otherwise drab and mundane office environment.

So next time you’re asked to be the one providing the corporate gifts and gifting ideas try one of these fun, yet unique corporate gifts. I can promise your boss and the employees will not be disappointed and will actually be excited about their next corporate appreciation gift.