A Fantastic Way to Gain Work Experience

A Fantastic Way to Gain Work Experience

Being a new comer to the job market can be a scary time in a person’s life. Whether just graduated from high school and trying to get a basic entry level position around town or receiving a master’s degree and looking for permanent employment in a specific industry, getting your foot in the door at a company can be the most difficult part of landing a position.

Two of the most basic methods of getting to know an employer are through internships and volunteer work. Both of these opportunities are more often an unpaid position with the company, but can still give you the chance to show the company what valuable skills you have. At the end of the internship or volunteer time be sure and ask for a letter of recommendation for your resume or next employer.

Making social connections is one sure way to at least hear about places that are needing those in your line of work. The majority of positions available at companies are filled through word of mouth. Keeping in contact with those you went to school with will also help you find positions available that meet your training and education levels. Attending job fairs and group interviews can also bring in new leads on places that are hiring in your field.

If you have not had any student work experience taking a few courses in your area of expertise is recommended. If you are a fresh graduate from college then promoting your recent graduation, eagerness to learn and newly formed skills may well land you a starting position at a local company. If your schooling was some time ago brushing up on old basics and learning a bit of the new ideas that have come about is encouraged. Keeping current in your field of knowledge is required to stay in a competitive job market filled with highly qualified individuals.

Often times, larger companies will only hire their new staff through temporary agencies that will preselect and screen applicants for them. These temporary agencies are often your ticket into a company or corporation that you can have a permanent or long term position with. The assignments from temporary agencies are often a predetermined amount of time and at the end of the assignment you will either be brought on full time or be placed in another position, perhaps with a different company. These positions can add up to months and even years of experience in your desired field of work and can build up a quite powerful resume in a short timespan.

In any position that you are offered, be it a volunteer only or a paid part time temporary position, you should always strive to go the extra mile when you are on the job. Competition for even the smallest of positions at a company can be quite tough and being able to stand out in a crowd is helpful when trying to obtain a position within a company. Showing an employer that you do not mind going above and beyond to help make the company a more cohesive unit shows dedication and a passion for success.