Career Advice on Personal Brand – 3 Top Personal Brand Mistakes That Kill Your Chance of a Promotion

Career Advice on Personal Brand – 3 Top Personal Brand Mistakes That Kill Your Chance of a Promotion

Having a well thought out personal brand strategy is the fastest and best way to promote yourself in any career.

There are, however, 3 key mistakes many professionals make with their brand that keep them from advancing further in their career.

Personal Brand Mistake #1 – Failure to think like an entrepreneur at work. These days it’s now more important than ever to recognize that things aren’t like they used to be. Whether you work for someone else or not, do not make the mistake of having an employee mindset – you are self-employed.

What to do instead – To boost your perceived value at work so that you are top choice for the best job opportunities, it’s time you start thinking like a business owner. Be an independent thinker, offer creative solutions, and always think a couple of steps ahead, strategically positioning yourself for the next action in case (B) happens instead of (A). Get noticed for your ability to be a results-driver who is adaptable to change, because change is happening faster and bigger these days.

Personal Brand Mistake #2 – Failure to track your own accomplishments and articulate them well. You can not rely on your manager to understand the work you do, or to know when recognition is warranted.

What to do instead – Keep track of accomplishments, praise reports, and great results you have achieved with and for your business partners. When the time comes to sit down for that next performance review, be ready to list out how well you have contributed to the company’s overall goals. And if that performance review somehow does not get scheduled? Make an appointment yourself to meet with the manager and share your accomplishments, in a way that boosts their confidence in your work as an achiever. This record will also be great for your portfolio when it’s time to move on.

Personal Brand Mistake #3 – Failure to connect with people who can be champions for your success. It’s great to spend time with your colleagues at work – after all, we spend a large part of the week there. But many people mistake this group as their group of supporters.

What to do instead – Make sure you are connecting with people of influence outside of your normal circle. Tap into knowledge and experience that will help you broaden your thinking. Share solutions and creative ideas when you meet with mentors – formally or informally. They might just be your champion behind the scenes when you need it most.