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A non-resident legal individual which has a permanent establishment in Estonia is required to submit a tax return to the Tax and Customs Board concerning the profit taken out of the permanent institution throughout a period of taxation in monetary or non-monetary type.\n\nBefore calculation of the income tax to be withheld, the portion of basic exemption which has not been used for withholding income tax from funds made on the basis of a pension contract supplied for in the Funded Pensions Act may be deducted from the funds from obligatory pension fund.\n\n(2) A natural person who is a resident of a Contracting State and who obtained at the very least seventy five per cent of his or her taxable income in Estonia during a interval of taxation can make the deductions supplied for in Chapter four from his or her income taxable in Estonia in proportion to its share in his or her taxable income for the period of taxation.\n\nAny loss from the switch, at a worth lower than the market value, of securities to a person related to the taxpayer (§ 8) or from the switch of securities acquired from such individual at a worth larger than the market price or invalidity of securities in favour of an individual associated with the taxpayer on the situations completely different from the market situations or from the switch of securities acquired for the money in the investment account laid out in § 172 shall not be deducted.\n\n(4) If a resident pure individual has derived taxable income pursuant to subsection 18 (4) or § 22, he or she has the precise to deduct a proportional share of the income tax paid or withheld overseas by a foreign authorized person, affiliation of persons or pool of property, which corresponds to the resident’s share of revenue taxable as income, from the income tax to be paid by him or her.\n\n(3) The taxpayer has the correct to calculate the gifts and donations laid out in subsection (2) made through the calendar 12 months in complete. (1) Income derived by a natural individual (together with business income) shall be recorded for income tax functions during the period of taxation during which such income was derived.