Finding A Job In A Competitive Market

With many of the highest-paying jobs becoming more competitive than ever, it can be hard to get the job role you’re looking for without having recommendations. If you’ve been spending time just going to college or working unrelated jobs however, you might find it difficult to get the recommendations you need. Many job seekers in this position have gone on to contact a recruitment agency George Town CI that will take those that come in and vouch for them to companies that are currently looking for workers, usually, after you are tested and interviewed by the recruitment agency. Consider getting help and working on ways in which you can get more job roles for these industries.


Programmers have been highly looked for since the boom of the tech industry, but only in the past few years has it become competitive when it comes to going for job roles. A good way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to make sure you have a great portfolio. Many of those getting job roles in programming only have their college degree and whatever they worked on during their classes, so a good way to help out your portfolio is to work on projects all of the time. These projects can be programs that you are making for yourself, or simply contributing to an open-source program. Additionally, consider going to programming meetups in your area. You’ll be able to talk to developers around you to get an idea of what looks good on your resume depending on what they are working on, plus you can talk to those who are leading companies that are looking for programmers. Take into consideration all of this advice if you’re looking for a job in programming.

Data Entry

Many recruitment agencies also look for those who can do data entry. This usually entails taking documents that are already in paper form and re-writing them so they can be in a digital format. While companies typically don’t need past jobs on your resume to do data entry, it’s recommended that you look into gaining a few computer skills before applying for these jobs. You’ll first want to work on your typing by making sure that you can type fast enough while still being accurate. Additionally, work on your skills with office software as that’s what you’re are most likely using your entire time working. Look into data entry if you want a job that is easier to get into as a beginner.


As the job market potentially gets harder to break into, make sure that you are always polishing up on your skills. This means potentially taking different programs and doing work outside of your regular job so that you can keep moving on to bigger roles and different companies. Make sure that you are always on good terms as well with those you work with as you’ll want them to be references for you in the future.