Free Scholarships For Single Moms

Free Scholarships For Single Moms

Free scholarships for single moms are available all over the entire Internet. As a woman who is beginning to further her career by going to college, many career development grants are also available for additional free money, along with scholarships for women over age 40, and free scholarships for single moms.

Here are a couple of examples of difference scholarship programs that can help you.

1. Scholarships for Women Age 40 and Over

If you are a woman who will be a least 40 by March 31, 2010 and you are able to show that you need financial help if you receive money to help you roll into a typical program from an accredited college. Disbursements are anywhere from $2000-$10,000.

2. Career development Grants-

This grant will award you $2000-$12,000 and you can apply between August and December of each year with December 15th being the deadline for each grant application. This grant is available to any woman who has a bachelor’s degree and would like to further advance her career.

You can get another bachelor’s degree or Masters degree or even go to the technical or professional field with this grant. This money can also be used for distance learning as well.

Each school should be fully licensed and accredited by the Department of Education.

3. Free scholarships for single moms.

These scholarships have different companies that fund them. Awards generally range from $5000-$10,000 with $10,000 being generally the highest the free scholarship for single mom will award.

How do you get these scholarships? You can apply online, or you can write in a mission statement and you goals. The latter requires a little more work, so it is best to apply for both of them. There are also corporations that award women $10,000 each month and also direct women towards other scholarship programs as well. There is a lot of unclaimed money available for women and one of these is free scholarhips for single moms.