Freelance Graphic Design Career – Not As Trendy As You May Image

Freelance Graphic Design Career – Not As Trendy As You May Image

Many many have fallen into this trap. Maybe you’ve seen graphic designers on TV working away on plush new imacs on big branding projects? Maybe you’ve just already got an image in your head of what life would be as a graphic designer….trendy office, pool table, coffee machine, pinball machine.

Think again.

If you are considering a career in graphic design please read on, and educate yourself with the real facts before you launch head first into that ‘fantastic easy arty job’

Arty Job it aint…

Unless you manage to land a job in one of the big design companies forget the idea of fantastic creative projects. Most clients will have a small budget to work with, and most will want to play things safe. Very rarely will a client allow you to go off on wild creative adventures, unless you have build up a solid trust over many years.


The client is always right. You can guide and suggest ideas, possible creative routes, but the client’s word is the last one, they are paying you for your services. This can be frustrating, particularly when you think you have a brilliant idea, a new fantastic idea, changing their colours, getting more colours, turning things upside down, cut-outs, bevels, spot very expensive


Also forget trendy new York loft apartments! Unless you land a major major client, the pay can be very modest. There is lots and lots of competition out there, there is always somebody willing to work for less. You must add value with your service and quality.

Switching Off…

You will have to work late into the night, working on page after page of catalogues for carpet, you will have to work into the evening. Are you prepared to give up your spare time and weekends? – You will have to, at least for the first few years to build up your reputation.

I hope this brief article has given you some insight into a graphic design career, like any career it isn’t as rosy as the media makes out! Good luck!