Mid-Life Career Change

Mid-Life Career Change

At the age of 40, Grant was a school teacher who merely existed from one day to the next. He didn’t dislike his chosen career path, but was becoming increasingly frustrated.

The frustration made him feel irritable and he took it out on the people closest to him, leaving him even more isolated.

Bottom line is that Grant wasn’t happy. He had achieved what he wanted to as a school teacher, but felt it was time to move on and achieve new things.

How? He had a family to support, bills to pay, and kids in school. Grant found himself in a dilemma… Should he do the right thing for his family, or could he find a middle road that could see him move forward with a new career choice while at the same time fulfilling his responsibilities as the head of the household.

In my dealings as a career coach i have worked with over 50 000 people to date. I was surprised with the staggering numbers of people, approximately 85% of people that came to me and said they didn’t really enjoy the work they did, but kept at it for a number of reasons, largely because it paid the bills!

As a result many people feel trapped and become despondent with the attitude of “What’s the use?” They sink deeper into their ‘comfort-zone’ and sacrifice what could have been only because they couldn’t see a way out.

Ever heard of that saying: “Can’t see the wood from the trees”? Well, that’s why we need career and life coaches, professionals who can help people like Grant map out his new journey with career advice and career development.

Don’t settle. The only limitations are those that you create in your own mind. Don’t become handcuffed by your circumstances, it’s a decision you make.

Life is there to be lived on your terms. Draw a line under where you’re at and go after what it is you want.

What is it you ultimately want to achieve?

What is standing in your way?

Allow your instinct to guide you and with the support of a career coach, begin focusing on choices that inspire you and help you tap into your full potential.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s a decision you make. There’s always a choice of carrying on doing what you are doing and continue to drift or make the decision do something different and get better results. Get started on your journey today.