Personal Development Skills – The Lukewarm or Sizzling Hot Approach to Success?

Personal Development Skills – The Lukewarm or Sizzling Hot Approach to Success?

How do you go about generating success? Are your actions lukewarm or sizzling hot? The temperature of your response speaks volumes about the type of person you are. Here’s how.

When it comes to personal development skills, the lukewarm individual will take a lazy approach and will only do something when they feel like are only focused on short-term. They move on to what they consider is the next best thing and lack conviction to see anything of significance through to the end. As such they are unproductive and true measurable, sustainable success will always be one step away from them. Of course it is so much easier to accept mediocrity than challenge ourselves to a rich, fulfilling and rewarding life, one which comes at a price but it is a price worth taking with long-term multiple paybacks.

On the other hand, the individuals that follow the sizzling hot way to success throw themselves into their goals with vigour, enthusiasm and total determination. They model themselves on the personal and professional successes of others as part of their personal skills development. They consider anything that takes them away from their goals as an unwelcome distraction. Despite the tedious, they still plough onwards towards their long- term goals and all the benefits they will bring. This involves a conscious shift from short-term planning to long- term planning and an understanding of the consequences of every action taken.

The sizzling hot success components they each possess are as follows:

They are always on the lookout for opportunities. In addition, they see obstacles as opportunities to develop themselves further,

They are always moving towards self-improvement and developing every area of their lives to the maximum,

They are persistent in their success and don’t give up easily,

They have clearly defined, personally accountable, measurable written goals for themselves

They provide value and service in return for greater rewards.

They invest their time wisely and have high energy.

To model their success, do the following:

When facing an obstacle, ask yourself the following, “based on my long-term goals or objectives for my personal career development, what is the wisest thing for me to do under these circumstances?”

By putting things into perspective you will be inspired to take the sizzling hot approach.

You will be energised and enthused about whatever you need to do without being swayed by short-term hardship and discomfort.

By changing our choices, we will by default change our lives. We will leave behind a mediocre lukewarm life and embrace a life modelled by only a tiny fraction of the population. It is here that the most successful people in society are found. It is here that we aspire to belong as our rightful destiny.