Step by Step – Get Moving on Your Successful Career Change

Step by Step – Get Moving on Your Successful Career Change

I’m sure you’ve heard all of the saying to get you started on something new. You put one foot in front of the other. One thought leads to the next. One action causes a result. One breath brings the next. And the journey has begun.

Where are you not moving forward or taking action? I’m sure you have any number of reasons why you’ve stalled, taken a time out; don’t feel up to doing anything, etc. Some of this could be clinical, i.e. depression or anxiety and if so I encourage you to seek appropriate help and support. But it can also be environmental, fatigue, confusion, lack of clarity or you just don’t feel like it. Oh, I acknowledge that these could be legitimate reasons for you to place your career and life on hold – short term. But then, how do you rev up that engine to get going again?

Step by step, inch by inch… It’s no secret that the most successful people didn’t have fame and fortune thrust upon them. Heck, even Paris Hilton has to “work” to gain and sustain her publicity! But what they all know is that it’s one step, one foot, one thought will lead to the next. And that keeps them moving forward and taking action.

There are a number of ways that help you to get your motor runnin! But first things must be or become crystal clear about what it is you want. Otherwise you’ll take a step, get distracted by life (as we all do) and lose your energy around moving forward. Next, just decide on one step, one thought, and one action, no matter how small, that will keep you moving and build momentum. It could be talking with an expert, reading a book, doing a free consult with a coach, making a journal entry, getting quiet and visualizing your success, meditating or talking with a trusted friend over a beverage. Think of the rock that begins to roll downhill, once begun it’s hard, if not impossible to stop.

You should keep track of each accomplishment so that you can look back at the evidence of your success. You can do this by keeping a journal. In it, write down your clear statements of what you want, capture all the ideas that come to you and make note of what you did and how it worked out. Once you have a record of your success, it becomes so much easier to repeat it. And your energy starts to surge with the pride of accomplishment. This is not to be taken lightly! Think back to your last successful undertaking. If you break it down and look at it in detail, you’ll recognize that it began with a first step, no matter how big or how small.

As you approach your career and life transitions, it can be overwhelming to see the big picture – grand and bright and not know how to get there. By starting with one step, one foot one thought, you can make it look and feel as if it were like magic!