What Is Firo-B?

What Is Firo-B?

The Firo-B is a powerful psychological instrument developed to explain how interpersonal needs affect behaviour and relationships.

The results provide individuals with an expanded understanding of their own behaviour and the impact of other’s behaviour on them.

It was originally developed in 1952 by William Shultz to predict how military personnel would work together in groups. Shultz sought to simplify a wide range of psychological and sociological studies seeing them to have basic similarities in the area of human experience. In doing so he incorporated the works of Sigmund Freud, Erich Fromm, TW Adorno and Wifred Bion.

The theory was that all human interaction can be divided into three categories;

Inclusion – The need to establish and maintain relationships

Control – The behaviour in relation to power, responsibility and influence

Affection – The behaviour in forming relationships.

In each area the Firo-B gives a measure of what the individual expresses to others and what they want from others.

The Firo-B can help individuals:

Raise their awareness of the typical patterns of their behaviour

Manage their behaviour and its results in leadership and in support

Recognise the sources and possible solutions to conflict

Understand and acknowledge the contributions of others

Increase productivity as a result of the awareness

Respond to the needs of others

Build strong and rewarding relationships

In businesses the Firo-B can be used to help people to understand themselves better and to be more aware of the choices they make when interacting with others. It is very powerful when used:

Personal and Executive Development

Team Building and Team Development

Relationship Counselling

Career Development

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the 54 questions and requires a 7th grade reading level, and is suitable for those 18 yrs above.

This powerful tool will help you to learn and understand your behaviour and the impact it has on other individuals in your team. It will also help you to better understand the behaviour of others in your company.

Once you have complete the test you will be given a report, this 13-page report is useful for advancing career development, explaining team roles, improving team effectiveness, and identifying leadership operating styles. With this information you can start to maximize the impact of the results and start to understand the way you relate to other people and start to improve your communication skills and build a better understanding of the people you work with.

The FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – BehaviorA�) instrument is widely used to uncover how your personal needs affect your behavior towards others, and what you want from them in return. It shows your compatibility with other people, as well as your individual characteristics.

The FIRO-B test has been used for decades in many kinds of organizations. Learn to understand your behavior and the behavior of others in your organization. You can use information from this report to maximize the impact of your actions, identify options for increasing your job satisfaction and productivity, and explore alternate ways to achieve your goals.