When is the Right Time for Refinancing Your Home Loan?

Getting a loan to buy or build a home seems like the only option you have. No one has $200,000 or more in cash under their pillow. When you want to do such a big step in your life, getting a loan is a must.

Once you do it, you see how the rates every month destroy your budget. You’d do anything to make them disappear, but you’re obligated to return what you own to the bank.

However, some options work for you in a situation like this. The reprogramming option will give you the chance to change the terms in your original agreement.

When you reprogram your loan, you’re making an entirely new loan based on the terms you already have signed with the lender. See what refinancing or reprogramming is here.

In this article, we’re sharing some thoughts on what is the right time to do it, and what you should be aware of when reprogramming your home loan. Keep on reading to learn more about this subject.

To get a lower interest rate

Depending on the bank, your monthly rate can vary. From a small amount to something that entirely drains your budget, and leaves you wondering if you’ll have enough food until the end of the month.

In these cases, any reprogramming that will lower the interest rate is great. However, not all banks and all agreements will allow you to do something like this. Most contracts between you and the bank will make you obligated to pay a fixed amount for a particular amount of time.

After this, it will be allowed for you to reprogram the loan. When you have such an option, make sure that the action is worth doing. Every refinancing comes with a particular charge. If this charge is big enough to cover the positive sides and make them negative, then why do it?

Still, if you calculate that this can only bring a positive change in your life, although you’ll need to agree on new terms and spend some money on the process, then go for it. It’s a smart idea to hire a financial broker that will perfectly calculate what is best for you. They will also advise you how to do it. Learn more about interest rates here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interest_rate.

When you want to shorten the payout time

Nothing makes debt owners happier than seeing the last payment of the loan. When we are building a house, we go several hundred thousand in debt. This is not easy to cover over the years. Some people pass on their debt to their family after they pass away.

This is not the best legacy to leave to your heirs. It’s much better if you can cover your financial obligations during your lifetime. Even if this is not the case, why spend the rest of your life paying to banks, when you can invest this money into something better.

There’s a saying – if you have money in your pocket, be sure that you’ll spend them. Why not spend them on the people you love?

For this, it’s great if you have the option to refinance your loan and make it shorter. See what your options are, and if you can carry this new agreement, then why not do it?

With the shortening of the payout time, you’re going to reprogram the loan to end shorter than planned. For example, if you owe $100,000 and you need to pay them out in the next 10 years, you can shorten this time to 5 years leaving the rest of the time to invest your money in something else.

When the bank offers better terms

If you have the option to reprogram, and the bank offers a better deal for new customers, then you can easily change your old agreement with a new one. For example, if you now pay 3.4% interest, and the bank offers a fixed 3.2%, then it’s in your best interest to opt for the new one.

There’s also the dirty play. Banks compete with each other to attract new customers. They often offer a better deal to customers who already have a loan in another bank. Feel free to go there and ask what needs to be done. Change sides and enjoy the better terms. Banks play dirty all the time, so why should you be better?

There are many downsides to reprogramming

It’s crucial to know that not all the time refinancing is good for you. In some cases, it is not smart to do it. One of the cases is when you’re opting for reprogramming, but you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Check this link for more details.

If you want to get another loan and let’s say, buy a car, this is the worst thing to do. You end up with two loans and they both need to be paid at the end of the month. Getting a loan over the loan is not the best thing to do. However, banks will be happy to give you this option, because they’ll double profit out of your poor decisions.

Another situation is when the bank offers to lower your monthly fee by reprogramming. If you have a 10-year loan, and you already passed 5 years, they are going to offer to push it back to 8 years and give you a lower rate.

What you don’t see here is that the bank is going to re-charge you in the form of interest. In the end, you’ll lose some 20-30% more than the original contract, just to get a lower monthly payment. It’s good at the moment, but it’s a disastrous decision overall.


When you want to refinance your home loan, you must know the pros and cons. It may be an excellent idea in some cases, but in others, it may be the worst decision ever.

You must have a broker that will advise you and tell you what to do. If there’s no downside from doing such a move, then why not do it. But, if there are more negative aspects, then don’t jump for a better monthly rate by all means.