Why Your Business Needs a Serviced Office

If you’re a business owner planning on business expansion, you’ll need to find an office that aligns with your ambitious plans. With so many different types of offices to choose from, how do you know which one will be the best for you?

We believe that serviced offices are the most suitable option for a business that has growth in mind, and here’s three reasons why:

  1. Excellent Locations and Quality Equipment

A serviced office could give you the opportunity for you to set up an office in an area that you might not have been able to afford previously. With serviced offices available in prestigious business areas, like the City of London, this could be an ideal way to help your business expand, taking advantage of the opportunities available in the capital city.

In addition, their services, facilities and equipment are often the highest quality to ensure that they remain in demand. This means you’re guaranteed quality when you move into a serviced office. Plus, for relatively new companies who are finding their feet, they don’t have to worry about buying their own equipment, which is often a large overhead for businesses.

  1. Flexibility

For growing SMEs, short term lease agreements are usually preferable – you don’t want to be locked a long lease as your business may experience significant growth that requires more space.

This is where serviced offices can be beneficial. As they’re usually rented on a rolling basis, you’re not tied into a contract and instead will just pay at the end of each month for the facilities you have used. That means you have the opportunity to test new markets in different locations without any long-term investment, allowing you to find the best match for your business requirements.

  1. Efficiency

Serviced offices are set up and ready-to-use, with everything from communication systems, internet, utilities and equipment already operational from the day you start using the office. This can save you valuable time as you don’t have to wait for new lines or equipment to be installed.

Also, many offer pay-as-you-use facilities with meeting rooms and equipment hired by the hour. This is a much more efficient way for your SME to work as, not only are you saving money and only paying for what you’ve used, it also means less wasted power.

Another way that serviced offices are cost-efficient is in office maintenance. This is usually included in the rental fee so your business can save time and money on hiring cleaners and technicians to help you maintain your office space.

If you’re looking to expand your small business, location matters and by choosing the right office, you could have increased opportunities and a higher level of efficiency. Discover all the benefits that a serviced office can offer you, including prestigious locations and state-of-the-art equipment, which can help your business grow.