Career Development – How to Get Into the Good Books of the Management

Career Development – How to Get Into the Good Books of the Management

If you intend to climb up the management ladder then you must stand out from the rest. We all know how difficult it is to get promoted at our places of work. Though many people complain of favoritism, it is important to be perceived as competent and obedient by your boss; that is if you want develop your career.

According to a research done by a Canadian institution that offers information services, having a good attendance record at work will go a long way in finding favor with your boss. When you realize that you will be late or you will not be able to get to work, it is imperative to call and inform your manager. At all costs, avoid arriving late to appointments whether with your boss, colleagues or customers. Being on time helps you to be relaxed and focused.

Dressing is another aspect to take into serious consideration. Most companies have an unwritten law when it comes to dress code. Though it may not be stated on your appointment letter, take time to find out what the company’s dress code is and dress appropriately.

It would be wrong not to mention that you must always have a positive attitude towards your work. This way you will always be prepared to perform your work diligently and hence improve your career.

Employers are known to love team players. Realize that no man is an island and for any business to work there is need for cohesiveness. Also, be someone that can take advice from your juniors and seniors. Seek guidance whenever you do not understand something and be willing to be corrected by your bosses or colleagues whenever you are wrong. This is a sign to show that you are someone that can work with others.