Do You Have A Good Employee?

Do You Have A Good Employee?

How will you know if your employee is good with his job? Of course the traditional way of evaluating performance is through human resource evaluation and appraisal. Your HR Department will tell you who are your good employees and who are not. The tendency would be to rely on to everything that your HR director tells you. It’s like the traditional political system where everything is combed below and what you perceived would be what your HR department is feeding you. Of course you can always rely on to this department because your company won’t be successful if they don’t know how to hire and fire.

But wouldn’t it be better if you had your own perception with your people. It’s like being in your own home and knowing the growth of your children. You know how to handle them and you feel what they felt because you were one with them. But how do you do this if you are employing hundreds, or thousands of workers? Maybe you don’t have enough lifetimes to do this. There are simple ways to do this that won’t affect also the job of your human resource department.

Being in their workplaceYou can always go down from your executive chair and see your surroundings. But there is difference between going down and being with them. When you are with your workers–say in a factory, you don’t expect your people to behave like themselves if you have the look that shouts-hey I’m your boss. Try to dress simple, and visit them during breaks. Because when you visit them during work hour it’s either you get bored or you will only see your people trying to impress you by looking busy. During break time you can always catch them in their own personality. You can chat with them freely and share your own views with them. It’s not necessary that you converse each one of them but your presence had already made impact in their lives that their work is important because their boss gave them importance.

Invite your employees’ familyWhen you set an occasion for your company’s annual event you can try to fit the budget of including the family of your workers. Most of the companies are doing this because they knew that a family is always important to anyone. Although a dysfunctional family is not to be judged of from your workers’ effectiveness of work-you can always rely on your judgment and understanding of your employee’s attitude through his family relationship.

You can rely with the TechnologyAlmost all companies are doing this-the use of CCTV to monitor the movements of their personnel. But in a way it does not promote loyalty to the company. You can never compensate your employees’ loyalty against any money. How you build your relationship with them is more effective than having the help of a technology that monitors their work. When you have your CCTV installed for the purpose of checking your workers’ effectiveness of task is okay but it only connotes fear and crammed of work. Their efficiency would be disregarded and their loyalty towards the company will go wary. It’s difficult to determine who are good and who are not in a company that is composed of different personality. What you needed is a good relationship with them in order to influence their work attitude and effectiveness. Character is always the one building a successful company. And when you are able to install and employ a good character to your company you are also building a successful company with you.